Metal Robot Spirits Zeta Plus C1- REVIEW – Gundam Sentinel die-cast action figure

Hello, I’m Citrus, and you’re looking at the Ka Signature Metal Robot Spirits Zeta Plus C1. This action figure came out in July of 2018 retailing for 15,000 yen But, once again, I didn’t pay nearly that much for it. You can see on the back of the box here, this was a pre-owned item […]

The Sick Unicorn [Maker Update]

This week on Maker Update, a soap-vomiting unicorn, two new boards from Arduino, a mini marble elevator, a neopixel thumb war, pool noodle box bots, Lego pinball, an Android tape deck, a business card stylophone, Hobart’s entry level MIG welder, and the Adafruit Crickit. Hey I’m Donald Bell, and welcome to another Maker Update! Man, […]