First Look: APOLLO Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Here is the first look at the Smart Helix Razor from the Ukraine. Nice packaging! Fancy, very cool packaging. Apollo stainless steel razor that’s beautiful it’s like a little tombstone or a little casket for your razor opens from the top with a fitted cover Awesome, beautiful! Okay let’s remove that. It comes with a […]

Recensione saldatrice a filo. parkside. PFDS 33 B3. lidl. test funzionamento e spiegazione d’uso b4

Hi everyone, guys. Good morning. I am Riccardo. Today I will do the review e the unboxing of the wire jumper of the parside. it is the model without gas. the model in question pfds 33 d3. is a welding machine that uses the animated wire, precisely without gas. I can not weld. I’ve never […]

AvE Shop Ruler Assembly and Review

If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy! Aha! I think this is my ruler! Sealed in a mayonnaise jar underneath Funk and Wagnall’s front porch for the past 24 hours This is the ruler! Aha! It’s here! “Hello and thank you for picking up a ruler here’s a […]