Researchers come up with way to produce electricity from flowing water

When you think of green energy, solar or wind power springs to mind –but generating electricity from rain drops that fall against a window or roof? That’s one method local researchers have come up with, and they say that’s just the beginning of the technology’s potential. Sohn Jung-in explains. A piece of glass substrate is […]

BF4 – How to Shoot Down Helicopters and Jets

Hey guys Level WHO here. Today I will do my best to show you how to shoot down aircraft with a tank. There are some tips I will cover in another video about angling and positioning But what I wanted to do was talk about how to use the tank’s cross-hair to line up your […]

Korean researchers develop flexible, transparent electrodes using graphene

Flexible, transparent electrodes are essential components of wearable devices. Korean researchers have successfully used a new material to make the component. Park Se-young has more. Graphene is known for its toughness and ability to conduct electricity. Korean researchers have chosen the material to make electrodes that change their visible colors in less than one second. […]

Decoupage on metal tutorial – DIY Watering can decoration idea Shabby Chick

Use acetone to clean the surface. Paint the watering can with dark rose acrylic paint C0250. After drying paint the surface with Chalk acrylic paint “Lichen-green” KAD07. Leave it to dry. Moisten a Sponge in the water, wring it out, rub the surface by sponge and then rub down by dry fabric. Carefully tear the […]

Happy Together – ’The Metal Tray Karaoke’ Special [ENG/2017.04.06]

(“Festival” by Uhm Junghwa) (Hyeri, Yura, Jaeseok) (Myungsoo) Save your energy. You’ll get exhausted. (Hani and Hyunmoo) Two sisters sing together. “Festival”! Two sisters. – ♪ Smile now ♪ / – ♪ Smile now ♪ (Sejeong and Somi) (Enjoy happy moments) (Happy days) (Straighten up your shoulders) (Forget about) (All the hardships in life) (Throw […]

Local researchers produce electricity using green algae

now the spread of green algae is a growing problem here in South Korea the algae pollutes waterways and kills the local ecosystem however a way to harness it in a much more positive way has just been discovered a team of Korean researchers say they figured out a way to use algae to generate […]

Burning Stuff With 2000ºF Solar Power!!

In a previous project I found a free tv and turned it into a giant solar scorcher. This shoots out a deadly beam of sunlight, that’s hot enough to abuse food, melt metal and burn things you probably shouldn’t. Today seemed like a good day to play with my Solar Scorcher. I positioned my frame […]

How to Solder – Beginner Guide to Soldering Components on TV Parts

This video is designed to be a guide. Please note that other complications may exist that aren’t addressed in this guide. While we always strive to provide accurate and detailed information, we can’t guarantee that it will fix your TVs issues. ShopJimmy is not responsible for any harm that you may cause to yourself or […]

China to impose anti-dumping duties on stainless steel products from S. Korea, EU and Indonesia

China says it will impose anti-dumping tariffs on stainless steel products from South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and the European Union. China’s Ministry of Commerce announced the results of a probe it conducted last July on such products produced in those countries. The ministry said the countries’ actions were damaging the stainless steel industry in China. […]

Bacon and Eggs Pan Pie

[Music] how to poke me a plan and brisket stop a barbecue pit boys calm today we’re grilling up some bacon and egg pan pie at the pit and it’s real easy to do alright we’ve got a few pounds of bacon here and we’ll grill them up because we’re going to need them for […]