SF’s Hammer Tutorials – Rappelling Combine

Hello and welcome to this tutorial! I will just dive right into it and show you what you will learn here today. So you see we have a room, glass and we walk forward, and the combine drops down and walks forward. Yeah, so that’s exactly what we will do in this tutorial here today. […]

Neon Flame

CorelDraw text effect tutorial For this effect first we need to create a Brush We will use the “B-Spline tool” to draw the brush shape We will need a proportional shape to help us to create a proportional brush 🙂 So.. let’s create a polygon shape When you rotate an object hold down “Ctrl” to […]

Knee Joint – Part 1 – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

This is a tutorial on the knee joint. The knee joint is the largest synovial joint in the body and it’s these articulations between the femur and the tibia and also between the patella and the femur. So it’s a hinge joint and the main movements you get at this joint are flexion and extension. […]

Hip Joint – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

This is a tutorial on the hip joint. The hip joint is this joint here between the head of the femur and the acetabulum of the pelvis. This joint is a ball-and-socket synovial joint and it’s a very stable joint unlike the shoulder joint, which is very mobile, but not so stable. This is the […]

Knee Joint – Part 2 – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

So now we’ll just take a look at some of the ligaments of the knee. What you need to remember about the ligaments is that you have collateral ligaments, cruciate ligament and a patella ligament. We’ll start off by looking at the collateral ligaments. So we’ve got two collateral ligaments which reinforce the joint on […]

Auto Body and Paint Training Youtube Channel – Training Videos

Do you want to discover how to: straightened metal, apply body filler, repair plastic, weld, prime, block, paint, clear, polish, detail, cars and more? Hi, this is Donnie Smith. I am an ASE certified collision repair instructor and I post a new video teaching you auto body and paint every Tuesday. Not only will you […]

Microsoft Word 2013 Training – Mail Merge – Part 1

Hello and welcome back to our course on Word 2013. In this section, we’re going to take a look at Mail Merge. Now you’ve probably heard of mail merge before. You may even have done mail merges before. And it’s one of the main applications of Microsoft Word in many offices and businesses around the […]

Explore and Combine stages in CES EduPack

In this video tutorial, we will look at how to make the most out of the Chart/ Select function, and our selection projects. Let’s use the level 1 database, and look at a saved selection project. To open our project, we click on File and then Open. We can take a look at a selection […]

Word 2010: Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a great time-saver if you need to create multiple documents that are the same, but unique in some way – like name tags for an event, or envelopes printed with each person’s name and address. The document I have here is a letter offering customers a discount on their next order. I […]