How-To Weld Elbow Joints Easily (Elbow Jig Demonstration)

Cómo reducir de forma segura los tiempos de ciclo de soldadura del codo en un 30%. Establecer su Agarrador a posicionador Mandril para torno. Asegúrelo a la posición de soldadura. Una vez en el lugar, eleve como grúa la Plantilla de soldadura para codos en el Agarrador. Desenganche las correas de la grúa una vez […]

You Can MELT METAL In Your HAND! – Liquid Metal Science Experiments

Today, I’m going to show you this really cool metal called Gallium. It looks a bit like Mercury and it turns into a liquid at about 30 degrees centigrade. That’s about 85 Degrees Fahrenheit! (now that’s warm) It’s often used in the production of semi-conducters and in some LEDs (The More You Know) And when […]

How to Repair a Damaged Composite Canoe or Kayak – Carbon/Kevlar Fibre

Hi welcome to this Easy Composites tutorial on kayak repair. What we’re going to be doing is looking over this boat, it’s had a bit of damage and just going through the different areas and showing you the best way to repair that. So let’s take a look at the damage that we’ve got. On […]

How to protect circuits from reversed voltage polarity!

In this video I’m going to show you a couple of ways to protect your circuits from backwards power connections. Let’s say you have a 12 volt power source like a battery and you want to power something. It doesn’t matter what it is. Let’s say it draws 2 amperes. When the battery is connected […]

Der YOUTUBE-Tisch | F.09 Von der Schrottkarre zum Camper

my VW logo in front got stolen and this is the new one and I will mount it in a way that it won´t be stolen again in here is something really really cool for the bus I will put the link to it in the description these are LED bands in total I have […]

Twist Welding Cable (How To)

In this segment of building the EMG-6, we have a universal tip that you should find useful for more than just building aircraft. This is a tip for treating cable ends to prevent them from unraveling. And a process that we have coined as “twist welding”. Aircraft use cables to control everything from carburetors to […]

Forney Easy Weld® 125 FC

Forney Industries has created a new line of welding machines the Forney Easy Weld. These machines were designed with the novice welder in mind they’re extremely user-friendly, affordable and are the perfect machine for the DIY welder. This is the Forney Easy Weld 125 FC, it’s a basic flux core welding machine, some people might […]

Miller Subarc & Induction Heating System Demonstration (Submerged Arc Welding Manipulator Review)

Miller Subarc &Induction Heating System. New! Miller Subarc welding & induction heating system Powered cross slides for easy control of welding head. Miller subarc power sources.Reliable transformer technology. Turnkey welding cell. Subarc, induction heating, positioner fully integrated. Flux recovery and delivery systems available for any specifications. Induction heating vastly improves speed, efficiency, safety and minimizes […]

How to Use the Jeweller’s Micro-Flame Butane Torch

Go to for all of your beading supplies needs! Hi. This is Julie with Today we’re going to do a product demo of the Mirco-Flame Torch. This is great for using in various jewelry projects including resin making when you want to get the bubbles out, soldering, jewelry casting wax working, metal sculpting […]

Speedwire Dispense System Demo

The following video will provide step-by-step instructions for loading the Speedwire dispenser. It is very important not to remove the loading tool before instructions indicate to do so. Earlier removal will result in interior spring and plunger loss. Before loading the dispenser for the first time, remove parts from the body tube. Your speedwire dispenser […]