How to solder broken eyeglasses frame

My eyeglasses frame broken. Now it’s time to repair it. First sanding color coating, rust and clean any grease on the surface that you need to solder. Rub it until the surface looks shiny. Sanding another part until it look shiny too. Join the two part and solder them with lead-free solder wire. normal lead […]

How to merge multiple illustrator files

Hey folks Gary Bradley here and in this episode, I’m going to show you how you can merge multiple illustrator files into one fresh document in seconds this is an awesome time-saver so without further ado this is the link to the web page where you can download the free script thank you icon find […]

Welding and Assembling a 5 Foot Bed

What’s up carpenters! Sawadeecrap! Creative Thoughts TIG Welding Series In today episode I’m going to build a mild steel 5 foot bed I own a couple of small condos and I rent apartments this is my main activity the bed that that I’m going to build is for one of my apartment before jump into […]

How to Get the Stars and Stripes Bandana in Fallout 4

What’s up guys? Happy 4th of July weekend. In commemoration of the holiday, I thought I’d put out a quick tutorial video on how to get your hands on the very rare Stars and Stripes bandana in Fallout 4. Just something a little fun you can snag on your travels through the Commonwealth. And it […]

This Kid’s Holiday Surprise For Nurses Will Melt Your Heart

Make Thrift Buy #5 Melting Tights (Last Minute Halloween Costume?!)

[intro music] Hi! Welcome to Make Thrift Buy, a show where you guys send clothes from the internet and I try to recreate them. Today’s challenge was sent in by Jenny Pepper, who suggested these melting tights from URB Clothing, which are handmade, latex, and retail from $55 to $80. Now these tights are by […]

How to Replace Front Lower Ball Joint 02-14 Volvo XC90

Cook Children’s and MELT Ice Creams #erasekidcancer

Hello, I’m Jessica! And I’m Emma! And we’re here at the JOY Factory, Melt’s ice cream magic place. We’re gonna be making some ice cream today with my friend Emma. Yes and first that we’re going to make a brownie mixture. Yes! Brownies that we’re going to put into mint chocolate chip ice cream. Mmm! […]