Deep Town: Electricity Production

Hello friends. Welcome back for another episode. While playing Deep Town, you start with some basic machines and buildings whose output is very low. Be it mining stations, chemical mines , oil pumps or any other building. With time you upgrade your buildings to increase their output while upgrading the mining building specially you will […]

World’s Largest Batteries – (Pumped Storage)

Electricity faces a fundamental problem that comes with pretty much any product that’s provided on-demand: our ability to generate large amounts of it doesn’t match up that closely with when we need it. Wind and solar power are becoming more cost effective, but they’ll always be unreliable and intermittent sources of energy. Retailers use warehouses […]

How do wind turbines generate electricity? – IN 60 SECONDS

How do offshore wind turbines generate electricity? You probably know that wind turbines produce electricity from wind. But how do they do it Let’s take a look at this particular offshore wind turbine. Sensors on top of the turbine measure wind speed and direction They signal the yaw-motors in which direction to turn in order […]

This ‘two-faced’ membrane can create electricity—from nothing but salty water

Nature loves balance. Ever sprinkle salt on a piece of eggplant? Over time, the eggplant starts to sweat out water. This happens because there is a different ratio of salt to water on the surface versus inside the eggplant, so water seeps out onto the surface to try and equalize how salty the water is […]

Rust Electricity 101: Component Guide – Wind Turbine

Hello everyone, its Thumper the Rabid Rabbit and in this episode of my Rust electricity 101 component guide will cover the wind turbine A wind turbine is not typically a default blueprint and it can be found in high tier crates and Is often available for purchase in the Bandit camp on many servers You’ll […]

The Secret Tesla Generator Plans and Free Electricity

What is a WIND TURBINE and how does generate electricity? Wind power – Components – Accidents

what is a wind turbine and how does it generate electricity wind power components accidents wind turbines are devices that convert the winds kinetic energy into electrical energy we can simply describe the wind as moving air caused by differences in atmospheric pressure between different regions of our planet differences in atmospheric pressure arise as […]

How Electricity Generation Really Works

The importance of electricity in our modern world can hardly be overstated. What was a luxury a hundred years ago is now a critical component to the safety, prosperity, and well-being of nearly everyone. And yet, electricity is so unlike our other physical necessities. We can’t hold it in our hand; We can’t see it […]

Run Off River (ROR) Pump | Mechanical Engineering (Hydropower) Project | Kathmandu University

We are elaborating about our project “ROR Pump” These blades of the turbine are places with inlet angle 30 degree… …and outlet angle 90 degree. The water strikes here… …and goes to this direction, thus makes the turbine to rotate in this direction. Here we have used two bearing casing. The shaft is of 25 […]