How to cut steampipe/black pipe for a turbo merge collector with simple tools

2.5mm (3/32″) thick cutting disc: Cuts straight Cuts slow 1.0mm (3/64″) thick cutting disc tends to drift when cutting off square cuts fast Determining offset to cut pipes to fit rectangular turbine entry (T3 flange shown here)


ISO 9606-1 141 T BW FM3 S s2.9 D48.3 H-L045 ss nb The visual testing of the root has met the requirements. Thanks for watching! ;-))

Aquarium Air Pump WITHOUT ELECTRICITY | Life hack: How to make an aquarium air pump out of bottles

Aquarium Air Pump without Electricity 2 Bottles, Air Tube 1 Tee Tube Connector 2 Adjustable Air Flow Switch More videos Subscribe to the channel

Comment souder à l’arc avec électrode enrobée rutile ? Angle intérieur et extérieur. Soudure à l’arc

Hello little video on arc welding with coated electrode. In this video I’m going to show you how to assemble 6mm sheet metal I have to make an angle iron to fix a handrail pole on a stair step you will see in this video how to position the two sheets of 6 mm How […]

ENGL Ironball 20 Amp – Modern Metal Demo! | Axe Palace

What’s up guys, it’s Sam from The Axe Palace again, and today Chris and I are checking out the Engl Ironball head. Alright, let’s get into it!

Ep5 Wash Basin Install – Hot and Cold Pipe Install – Plumbing Tips

Hello and welcome to this video. This is in a series of videos all about how to install a basin from start to finish. So far you’ve got the basin actually hung on the wall. Now we’re gonna have a look at the services underneath and how to connect them up, and get the […]

Tips For Telescoping Tube | Metal Supermarkets

Hi and welcome to Metal Supermarkets The convenience stores for metal. I’m Jason Jackson, Operations and Development Manager. Telescoping tube is something that customers often ask us for advice on. It can get a bit tricky and there are some important factors to consider when trying to choose the correct sizes of material. So in […]

Joining Square Tubing at 90 Degrees, Preparation for Welding, the 3 ways I Fabricate the corner.

today I’m going to show you the three welding joints that I use for joining square tubing at a 90 degree angle and number one obviously is just a straight butt joint nothing too smart in that just join it straight up now you do get stuck with an open end whether it’s running up […]