How to Build a Skateboard : Build a Skateboard: Parts & Equipment

Now I’m going to show you the parts of a skateboard. This is the basic part of a skateboard. It’s a skateboard deck. This is the grip tape, which goes on top of the skateboard to keep your feet onto the board. These are our skateboarding wheels. They vary in size and shape. And they’re […]

Block Sanding Tips & Tricks with Kevin Tetz – How To Make Panels Look Great – Part 2 – Eastwood

it’s a real simple operation you charge it it’s got a schrader valve on it he charged with air and it allows you to do this alright what have I done I’ve just soak the panel that i blocked so camera guy can I don’t know if you can get down on that edge and […]

Totaled Tacoma Manual Swap + Welding the Diff

[Music] [Music] we’re here in beautiful British Columbia Canada getting transmission parts for the Tacoma I know you guys are gonna be stoked on that our good friend Clinton here just hooked it up one of our subscribers fellow youtuber himself their garage dirt garage and we’re checking out his truck right now cuz he […]