Klaus van Stegen – Feel Flux PRO MODEL 2019

I guess it’s my Pro Mod… My name is Klaus Van Stegen, I’m from Rassfeld, it’s a small village near the border of the Netherlands and now I’m living with my wife, Svenja and my little dog Louie in Hamburg. I’m a professional watchmaker and that’s how I get my money for the month, for […]

Beauty Edu: It’s melting! Strange Hair Gel Trick

Thought I’d do a really quick experiment today. As I mentioned in my Polyacrylate video, hair gels are hydrogels, which are network of long polymer chains that can attract and store large volumes of water. This is caused by water molecules that are attracted to the polymer and stick to it, forming a gel. A […]

overhead water tank piping / पाइप को टेंक में कैसे और कहाँ लगाये ( Hindi / English )

Hello friends i am video girl riya pandey, welcome to APPTEC 18 video channel welcome to APPTEC 18 video channel Today, we will talk about filling the water in the WATER TANK the water pipes have to stand and hold until the tank is full. the water pipes have to stand and hold until the […]

Video about some techniques for feeding filler rods . TIG welding . Electrode

Video on some techniques for feeding weld rods Hello. Today we made a video about some techniques for feeding weld rods. Please press “subscribe” and “Like”. This is one of the most commonly used delivery methods for supplying welding rods. Daddy finger Mommy finger Brother finger Sister finger Baby finger I’m going to show you […]

Merging Layers in Adobe Photoshop | 2-Minute Tips

Jay Shaffer here with today’s two-minute tip. Today I’ll show you a couple of ways that you can merge layers. so you may want to merge the two or more layers and create a merged layer that that has a composite of your layers that you have in Photoshop. You can go up to the […]

How to evenly melt a single wick candle

So I’m here to talk to you today about single wick candles in glass containers. I’m here right now I’m showing you an example of a glass or a candle in a glass container with a single wick that has been not burned yet. In a minute I’ll show you a candle that has burned […]

Electricity and Magnetism Course

Hello and welcome guys to my channel; EEC-Education. The House of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Computer Engineering. Don’t forget to subscribe and like this video. And let’s Start. Today, I will start my First course which is Electricity and Magnetism. It is a very interesting topic and a good start for anyone interested in this […]

NERF BOX FORT CHALLENGE!!! Electricity, Working Doors & More! Nerf Gun Battle Base (NERF)

good morning oh don’t do that don’t ever do that check out my fingers oh we got nothing I know what’s going on guys we are backing with a brand new video it’s a new day and today is another opposite because we got some new stuff in the mail yo check this out guys […]

Welder from a Lighter You’ve Never Seen Before | Lighter Hacks

lighter hack how to do a welder from a lighter with cheap and home materials very used in FUN’N’PIC projects diy very useful tool funny for kids

Do I need a Harmonic Balancer Crank Damper? – Jay’s Tech Tips #31 – Real Street Performance

Hi, I’m Jay from Real Street Performance. Today, we’re going to talk about harmonic balancers, and why an aftermarket one is better suited than your stock one. The harmonic balancer is a weighted pulley that mounts on the nose of the crankshaft to absorb the inherent vibration that happens when you’re running your engine. Your […]