True Norwegian Black Metal | VICE

[CHANTING AND APPLAUSE] [HEAVY METAL MUSIC] IVAR BERGLIN: Gorgoroth may not be the most celebrated band to rise out of the infamous Norwegian black metal scene, but they are by far the most feared and controversial. With their abrasive sound, chaotic live shows, and well-publicized criminal convictions, Gorgoroth have spread their message of fear and […]

CYBORG überraschen dänische Metal-Szene!

*bleagh* Hello! Hello!! Well… we are currently on our way to Aalborg. Awesome! Becaue “Aalborg Rock & Metal” are over there celebrating there 2nd birthday. – Exactly, and we are planning a devious surprising visit. Because of that we organized an overnight accommodation. We hope she doesn’t give us away. So we catch these nice […]

Herndon & Merry Iron Works | Tennessee Crossroads

(smooth jazzy music) – Thanks a lot, Ed. Well, next up a made in Tennessee story about a family dedicated to making decorative metalworks. Award-winning pieces that have made Middle Tennessee a little prettier and a lot safer. In fact, this is the story of how old-time craftsmanship and new technology helped this company forge […]

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB After 5 Years

– Well, hello everybody. For those of you new to my YouTube channel, my name is Robert, part-time RVer here, and we travel around the country towing a Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB, 2015 model here. Which, shortly after we bought it, we named, Minitini, Minitini the trailer. (upbeat music) ♪ I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ […]

Splurging on 50+ Boat Things (Cruise-mas 2019)

Hi, It’s Clark, and Emily on sailing vessel Temptress. Emily: It is July 2019 and today, we’re talking about all the stuff that we’ve bought so far for our sailboat refit this year during hurricane season, so that we can go off and spend the next trip in Central and South America. We’re gonna talk […]

The Amazing Life of Sand | Deep Look

Sand is a time capsule. Every grain tells a story. Sand can be anything that’s been worn down until it’s reduced to some tiny essential fragment of what it once was. It’s a technical term. Bigger than sand? That’s gravel. Smaller? Silt. Go to beaches across the world and you find sand that looks completely […]

Loram – Laborer

♪ It’s gonna be a life changer, it was for me. If I could look back and know that Loram was here, I’d probably have came to work for Loram sooner. As long as you come to work and you work hard, you’ll go places. I like to start my laborers out on maintenance. You’re […]

This Cajun Restaurant Has a Year-Long Waiting List

(playful piano music) – [Woman] Deep in the bayou, on this street, down this road, in this windowless tin shack, is a restaurant run by one woman, whose dishes are so good, you have to wait a year to try them. – I’m Alzina Toups and I’ve been cooking Cajun food for at least over […]

Building new high capacity metro trains – jobs for Victorians

Bigger trains for a better Melbourne [Title: Bigger trains for a better Melbourne] [Vision: Artist impression of train moving along track and through tunnel] Voice over From mid-2019, you’ll see bigger, better trains carrying thousands more passengers on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines [Vision: Map of Victoria] Which is why we’re building them right now, […]