Hip and Double Knee Replacement Patient Sandy Bell Got Her Life Back After Surgery

(light music) – I’m Sandy Bell. I’m 75 years old. I live in Havre de Grace with my daughter, son-in-law, and four grandchildren. Thinking back to 2014 and 15, I was experiencing a lot of pain in both my knees as well as my right hip. It hurt when I would walk, bend, squat, stand, […]

These Epic Dog Portraits Will Melt Your Heart

I Went Metal Detecting & You Won’t Believe What I Found… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

(dramatic music) (edm/club music) (female speaking) – They don’t call me DJ Tom Tom for nothing. – See? (laughs) – So I’ve always wanted to go treasure hunting. What kid has never wanted to go on a treasure hunt? Today, we’re going to go on the ultimate treasure hunt. I bought this, I shipped it […]

Mystery Boxes found on the bottom of a WW2 Lake

(splashing water) Oh, the wooden handle is still there. Let’s see if you can get it to the side. (suspenseful rhythmic music) Looks like it’s opened. It’s a brand new day. We decided to return to the lake that previously resulted in finding some interesting pieces of WWII history. And we’re really curious if there […]

WW2 Metal detecting – German glass mines everywhere!

Kraj bez prądu – Wenezuela

On the 7th of March at 16:55 electricity was cut off in the whole country It was the biggest blackout in history and in some places it lasted for a week In this episode you’ll see how a country with no access to electricity functions /10th of April/ It’s the 7th of March 2019 and […]

BODUM VACUUM TRAVEL MUG unboxing – stainless steel reusable cup

Hello welcome back to the Happy Hut, I’m Neil, thanks for clicking on this video… If you have, I’m taking a guess it’s to have a look at this. The Bodum Mug de Voyage, Thermique! Sorry, it’s on the other side. There you go, get it in focus. The Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug. It’s 0.35 […]