Mitsubishi How-To: Voice Training for FUSE Hands-free Link System™ Vehicles

If the FUSE system has difficulty recognizing your commands you can train a system with the voice training function. Touch the speech button on the steering wheel, and say “voice training”. The system will ask you to repeat a few commands that will be displayed on the top of the display window. “Read Phrase One” […]

Reference: X-ray inspection of casting parts

My name is Ludger Ohm, I m foundry engineer and Co-Owner of Ohm and Häner in Olpe, Germany. We decided for a VisiConsult X-ray inspection system, because of a big project from India. As the train-gearboxes were big and heavy the challenge was the part handling. We decided for this customized top-loader solution that allows […]

Loram – Laborer

♪ It’s gonna be a life changer, it was for me. If I could look back and know that Loram was here, I’d probably have came to work for Loram sooner. As long as you come to work and you work hard, you’ll go places. I like to start my laborers out on maintenance. You’re […]

4 Revolutionary Riddles

At the Palace of discovery in Paris, they have this huge turntable where you can sit, and perform experiments. Like in the middle of the turntable you can put some water and then add liquid nitrogen, and this creates a kind of fog these tiny water droplets that spread out from the middle, but because […]

Building new high capacity metro trains – jobs for Victorians

Bigger trains for a better Melbourne [Title: Bigger trains for a better Melbourne] [Vision: Artist impression of train moving along track and through tunnel] Voice over From mid-2019, you’ll see bigger, better trains carrying thousands more passengers on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines [Vision: Map of Victoria] Which is why we’re building them right now, […]

Underground – A Lego Stop-Motion Short Film

*ahem* Name and address. Timothy Smith. 8830 District D. You have great talent. You’ll go far. Thank you, sir. You have great talent. You’ll go far. Really? My name is Timothy Smith and I’m going to build a train. Not just any train. An old-fashioned steam engine. This is not just my career, this is […]