Completing a Resin Repair on an Insulated Rail Joint

prior to work an inspection should be carried out to determine the condition of the IRJ carefully inspect the rain for deformation such as end batter and cracks TEF 3205 should be completed during this inspection which should determine the best treatment for the site and highlight any work required prior to refurbishment depending on […]

Audacity Merge Tracks – Audacity Tutorial

Audacity Merge Tracks Hello creators thanks for joining us my name is andrew mercer now in this short tutorial i’m gonna show you how to merge tracks when used audacity merge tracks is a useful little feature and you make it may get you every jam from time to time i’m initially three different ways […]

Saxloops mini tutorial: how to use GarageBand merge feature creatively

In this mini Saxloops tutorial, we’ll see how to use Garageband merge feature creatively In our example, there is a different drum loop with an AU FX Replicant 2 tweaked differently for each track the purpose is to add variations to drum loops to use merge feature which will render your midi/audio with fxs track […]

Multicultural Melting Pot: the Nasr family – Sauber F1 Team

It’s not everyday you have a chance to celebrate. So it’s important to take any opportunity you get. Living out of a suitcase; far from home… As a Formula 1 driver, that’s the price you pay. When Felipe Nasr comes to Brasilia, no one wants to miss out. FELIPE: It means everything to me. It’s […]


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How to replace the rubber tracks on a morooka mst 3000 dumper!

My name is Tim Turner, I’m an employee here at Newman Tractor, today we’re going to work on one of these 3000 Morooka’s, they’re very tough, but unfortunately this one has a worn out track and a worn our idler… …we’re gonna go ahead and replace it. First things first We got to get the […]

Scorpions Style Backing Track in B minor – Bm – Classic Metal Power Ballad Guitar Jam Backtrack

Scorpions Style Backing Track in B minor – Classic Metal Power Ballad Guitar Jam Backtrack

? [FREE] Rock Trap Type Beat Instrumental – Rock Metal Trap Beats – Made of Steel (Free Download)

Rock Trap Type Beat Instrumental – Rock Metal Trap Beats Title of this beat: Made of Steel Version without hook only with track stems Version without hook only with track stems

Sound to Electricity: How do Microphones and Speakers Work?

Youtube, it’s Cram. Sound. Allowing us to perceive the world through vibrations in their air. And electricity, flowing electrons that power our modern world. These two seem like they couldn’t be more different, but in fact they are different forms of the same thing. They are both forms of energy, and can be converted to […]

#31 Assembling Aluminium CNC Machine #31 / MGN12 Linear Rails / XYZ Axis / Spindle Mount

In the last video I prepared some water jet cut aluminium plates by drilling, countersinking, reaming and tapping out their holes to the correct sizes. In this video I receive long MGN12 linear rails and continue with the assembly of my CNC machine. So my longer rails have arrived today as well. I’ve got the […]