Fix Ball Joint(MOOG) to Lower Control Arm – Nissan press-fit Screw Type. Part 10/10

in this video we’re going to take a time out to replace the lower ball joint for the left side double wishbone independent suspension so we are finished with replacing the stabilizer link and the stabilizer bar support mouth so this will not cause any issue with the suspension before with the broken stabilizer link […]


hi guys this is Geramicc85 and today I’ll be replacing the upper and lower ball joints on my Dodge Ram 1500 i bought 4 new ball joints two upper ball joints and these are the two lower ball joints I’ll be replacing one side first and then the second side, passenger side, is usually all […]

FS | 17 | Mods CLAAS AVERO 160 Combine Harvester

HI GUYS !!!! Welcome to Farming Simulator 17 Mods Channel in this video I will show You a small combine you can use at tight fields. The CLAAS AVERO 160 CLAAS AVERO 5.600l Capacity 185Hp 40Km/h Top Speed CLAAS C 430 Drapper Header 4.2m Working Width 12Km/h Working Speed If you enjoy watching my videos… […]

FS | 17 | Mods John Deere T Series Combine Harvester

HI GUYS !!!! Welcome to Farming Simulator 17 Mods Channel in this video I will show You a New Harvester Form john Deere. John Deere T Series Combine Harvester 3 Engine Setup 4 Wheel Setup 11.000l Capacity 630R Drapper Header 9.1m Working Width 11Km/h Working Speed Unfold Drapper Header Spikes R KEY ZURNS Raps Profi […]

🛑 No More Fuses or Relays! | ECUMaster PMU [TECH NUGGET]

– It’s safe to say that fuses and relays may be becoming a thing of the past. Often we see technology from professional level motorsport start to filter down and become more accessible to us in the hobbyist and semi professional motorsport market. One of those technologies is solid state power management units. These replace […]

How to replace cigarette lighter fuse on 2006 Toyota Corolla

One day I was playing with this cigarette lighter socket in this 2006 Toyota Corolla and blew the fuse unfortunately. Not only the socket lost power, also there was no more clock display, no more radio. Then eventually I was able to find the blown fuse and replace it with a good one and fix […]

The Truth About Toyota and Honda Merging

rev up your engines ejido says why don’t Honda and Toyota team up reliable transmissions Toyota sporty-er engine from honda for the good of all okay cuz the competitors I’ll tell you you have something funny that actually happened few years back Ford and Chevy got together and they decided they were gonna make 10 […]