Napoleon’s Stainless Steel Spatutong

There’s always a grilling tool that you can’t live without but with Napoleon’s 2-in-1 Spatula Tong you don’t have to! The dual-purpose head of this unique tool is ideal for anything you grill. Use the spatula side to flip burgers and other foods that require a little more support, the wide head features a beveled […]

How To Retip A Prong With The Rofin Laser Welder

We’re going to be doing a retipping. And whenever we do a retipping I prefer to have it ground down so that the angle meets the angle coming off the stone. Now first off what I’m going to do is shoot my little wire, make a nice little ball. A little more. With this ball […]

Metal Shaping with Lazze: Rolling a Bead with a Wire Edge

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m teaching people in metal shaping. And I’m here back again now on YouTube with tips and tricks. And on this little video I going to show you how to make this wire edge where we put the wire in and the bead. And this was a question that I had […]

Shop Lift Table, portable Work Bench, Forklift?

So in my last video with this toolbox under here that I fixed up. I got a lot of questions about my lift table where I got it how I made it where is it from I didn’t make it actually bought it like this, but I thought I’d show you guys exactly what it […]

Kobalt stainless steel workbench

man oh man oh man oh man look at all the parts Paulo you had a good idea and that’s what I’m doing it took me about 45 minutes to unpackage all this stuff out of that box that’s a hundred and twenty hundred and twenty-five pounds of stainless steel right there and that is […]

Small Conference Table Build | Woodworking Project

– [Narrator] Today I’m gonna share the story with you of how I came to build this small conference table called a huddle table. A few months ago I got approached by a financial planning office to build a huddle table for their office, to which I naturally said of course, I would love to […]

Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : Size of Soldering Iron Tips

Hi, we’re talking on copper foiling today and we’re talking about our soldering iron. Specifically, right now I’d like to touch on the different sizes of tips that you can use, because there are different tips for different projects. For copper foiling you would use probably a smaller iron that you would for your big […]

Heavy Duty Metal Brackets – JIMBOS GARAGE

good afternoon everyone and welcome back to jimbos garage well today we got welding video for you guys and I can I asked me if I could help them make some brackets. these aren’t everything these aren’t your ordinary racket Peter super heavy-duty bracket we’re going to use in 2-inch by 360 angle iron and […]

How to Use & Maintain Welding Equipment : Understand the 6010 Welding Rod

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Terry and today I’m going to show you how to use a welder. Now I’m going to use a 6010 rod. And I have to work ahead of myself and burn back. It’s easy using a 6010. Notices as you?re welding you?re going to hold 45 degree angle to […]

How to Use & Maintain Welding Equipment : Discover Welding Sticks

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Terry and today I’m going to show you how to use a welder. This is a stick welder. This is the electrode. This is called the stinger and this is the grounding climber. I’m using an 8th inch rogner sew set. Right about 75 amps and see if that […]