How to Use Reusable Pop Rivets to Clamp Steel – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): How to Use Reusable Pop Rivets to Clamp Steel, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you playing with? Kevin Caron: Little fasteners. You want to put two pieces of metal together, you’ve got pop rivets. These have become pretty darn popular here lately. But what happens if you want […]


Hi this is Carl the landscape guy. In this video I will show you how we complete cement-bonded grouting of natural stone slabs. This chapel forecourt is being redesigned. The natural stone slabs laid in sand have sagged over the years, forming trip hazard joints. The plates will be re-installed later, so they will be […]

Orgapack Semi-Automatic Sealless Combo Strapping Tool

ULINE’s H-1334 Semi-Automatic Sealless Strapping Tool offers a more efficient way to strap your loads versus traditional hand tools. The H-1334 Semi-Automatic Sealless Strapping Tool tensions, seals and cuts all with one tool, versus three manual tools. As a result, the H-1334 helps increase productivity, efficiency and reduces worker fatigue. And, since no seals are […]

⋒ How sport is merged with technology: Nacsport

THE NAC Sport is a software that allows real-time analysis overlapping images to compare statistics snapshots the software offers a number of features that seem designed to football however … is not the case the large number of applications in the world of football that have this program has become one of the favorite toys […]

Tool Database Merge and Backup – Part 10 – Vectric for the Absolute Beginner

Hey y’all! Welcome to Part 10 of my series on the Vectric software titles for the absolute beginner. Before we get started, let me say that I am neither sponsored… …nor endorsed, nor employed by Vectric Ltd., or any other company. I’m doing this series to help the person who has never done anything like […]

Homemade Roller Bender – Make A Metal Bender

A metal bender is an efficient tool tat can be used for many occasions And making one is fairly simple, if you have the right tools The major pieces you’ll require are the connecting gears. And of course, the interchangeable pieces to get different bends. Did you know Tungsten has the highest tensile strenght of […]

You Need This Tool – Episode 17 | Sheet Metal Folding Tool

its friday fool and you need this tool this episode of you need this tool is brought to you by KillFab Clothing Company we know your a bad ass, now you can show it Im Kyle Voss and every Friday I bring you a tool that is either featured in this shop or a shop […]

Restoration Old Drill Press Part 2

German Restoration change direction to protect the steel brush MC-51 welding the bad crack the weld was filed and troweled The bottom plate is not straight filing and sanding would take too long much better now the contact surface is also not aligned 0:03:26.040,0:03:33.070 Aceton paint remover “Grüneck Power” After 24 hours remove “Grüneck Power” […]

Sheet Metal Brake Fabricating Tight Bends for a Truck Bed at Eastwood

a really difficult thing to do when metal working or in a restoration project is recreate tight boggles these type joggle bends like on this old truck can’t be recreated by most metal breaks let me show you how with the new Eastwood metal break we fabricated a panel that matches these contours perfectly yeah […]