Hot n New SEMA 2017: Weld XT Slingblade

– [Camera Man] One, action, go. Are you even the right that guy, no? You’re not even, you’re not even doing that. You’re gonna run into somebody. Exposed lug nuts, that’s what I’m talking about, woo! (hip-hop music) Hey guys, Shawn with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV, all new, today we’ve got a hot new […]

Hot n New SEMA 2017: Weld XT Vektor

(jr.’s little theme music) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, Shawn with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on YouTube, got another seams edition, hot new for ya. This is gonna be the Weld Racing XT, remember welds from way back in the day? They’re back again and they’re coming out with this whole entire Forged Land […]

Workers Killed While Servicing Tires

I’m Olaf Knezevic, Engineer with WorkSafeBC. Tires can explode with devastating force, causing injury or death. I’m going to describe three serious tire accidents. In the first accident, a worker was killed while removing a tire from a log stacker. This stacker’s tires are mounted on rims made up of several pieces, including an inner […]


oh I’m working on something a little nicer than my truck today it’s this brand-new Toyota here it’s only got like three thousand kilometers on it but he’s got these big tires here and they rub on the the body mount in there here I get some light apparently it’s really common for these trucks […]

RESQ1 Field & Service Jeep – SEMA – Eastwood

yeah everybody it’s matt from the school company where I see me 2013 that will admit a lot of years we kind of heavy on the street rod muscle car stuff but we also love off-road vehicles and we’re with Kristen from JP magazine jeeps are one of the fastest growing trends in the automotive […]