💸01 How to Combine Online and Offline Selling with Artist Kim Vergil

Hey guys. This is Patrick, and welcome to I guess episode one of the Art Marketing Podcast. The podcast before, we introduced our mission and vision for the podcast. Today is all about opening the hood and getting our hands in there and getting dirty. I’ve got just an absolutely fantastic story to tell you […]

Simple architect practice- COMBINE THE SHAPES

Hello. I am very glad that you find me This short video will reveal to you that there is infinite amount of combinations of shapes One simple practice will obligate you to start to think not just copy of a particular for building. When we get an object, which looks unusual we just combine our […]

JPA vs Hibernate : The difference between save, persist, merge and update

Hi, I’m Thorben Janssen from thoughts-on-java.org. JPA and Hibernate provide different methods to persist new and to update existing entities. You can choose between JPA’s persist and merge and Hibernate’s save and update methods. It seems like there are 2 pairs of 2 methods that do the same. You can use the methods persist and save to store a new entity […]

Orange: Underrated Color in Menswear & How To Wear & Combine It With Classic Men’s Clothing

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette. In today’s video, we discuss the color orange, how you can use it your outfits to make the most out of it and look dapper. Recently, we discussed another very underrated color in men’s wear which was green. You can check out the the in-depth video here. Today, we […]

Merging the Contents of Multiple Cells into One Cell in Excel

This video will show you how to combine the contents of two cells into a single cell, using Microsoft Excel. I created this example for a video about using dates in SPSS. I needed a small data set of birth years and months. I will show you how I created the fake data and then […]

Tools – DIY Insane Metal Folder

in my last video formed the edges of the panel using hammer forming but as I’ll be doing quite a few panels I wanted to come up with something easier so after some YouTube research I decided I’ll try and make a metal folder one that can fold a 1 meter wide sheet of metal […]


plumberparts.co.uk honest reviews and advice Hold Tight and welcome to todays plumberparts.co.uk video, I’ve dug deep today because i’ve got Man flu I don’t know if you can hear, my nose is all bunged up so i thought istead of doing an insane video I was going to do a simple video on to solder […]


– [Announcer] plumberparts.co.uk. Honest reviews and advice. Hold tight, and welcome to today’s plumberparts.co.uk video. I suppose you’re here to disrupt this peaceful time I’ve having in my deck chair. So I can show you how to cut a hole in the wall and instal, very successfully, the waste for your washing machine or dishwasher. […]