Leigh B975 Box Joint & Beehive Jig – Router Table Operation

Router table operation on the Leigh Box Joint & Beehive Jig The Box Joint and Beehive Jig can be used upside down on a router table, for boards up to 13/16″ thick, and as wide as the templates 9-11/16″ maximum All box joint are routed with the included Leigh 160 ½” bit and the Leigh […]

Leigh B975 Box Joint & Beehive Jig – How to Rout Box Joints

How to rout box joints on the Leigh Box Joint & Beehive Jig The Leigh Box Joint & Beehive jig, Model B975, makes it easy to rout ½” and ¾” box joints, in board widths up to 9-11/16″ and 13/16″ thick Box joints are extremely strong and well suited for a variety of projects from […]

Box Joints on the Leigh D4R Pro Dovetail Jig

Box Joints on the Leigh D4R Pro Dovetail Jig The striking symmetry of box joints, also known as finger joints, provides a focal point for any woodworking piece, and the large glue surface of box joints makes them just a strong as dovetails. 3/8” and 3/4” box joints are easy to rout with the dovetail […]

Leigh B975 Box Joint & Beehive Jig – Mounting & Assembly

Mounting and Assembly The Leigh Box Joint and Beehive jig, Model B975, is a simple, easy to use jig for making ½” and ¾”and box joints. Before using the Box Joint & Beehive Jig, you will need to make a simple beam The jig template, which has a ½” side and a ¾” side, is […]

Best Way To Add / Merge Multiple Files – Audacity Software

Hello, and welcome this is how to add and merge multiple files together in Audacity there are number of ways on how to do the add and merge files, but I’m going to show you the really easy way, so Let’s jump right into it Go to file open select the file you wish to […]

How to Replace Your Rofin Laser Water Filter

Here are three maintenance parts on the Starweld basic welder, four on the Starweld performance 7002. All the maintenance parts can be ordered from Stuller. Once a year you should replace the water filter. You’re going to want to remove the back panel to get to the tank. Unscrew the top hose and then unscrew […]

MK: DIY Dragging the arc #QuickTip

What´s up, MK:DIY here! Today we gonna talk about welding. Sometimes for whatever reason, you can´t quite start the arc at the place you want to. Your workpiece might be dirty, or in awkward position. In this situation you can try dragging the arc from one place to antoher. You start the arc on place […]

Layout Metal Siding Tips and Tricks

Hey, what’s up everybody, welcome back to the channel. My name is Kyle Thought I’d take this morning while we’re prepping for steel to show you guys some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way to ensure that your steel runs well and Consistent when it comes to the layout and how […]


– [RCSparks] All right, so Loading Wars is just around the corner; the RC game show that we made up, of a warehouse debauchery and a whole bunch of fun with friends, and I want to get this hydraulic model up and on the go, so the next thing, if you guys have not been […]


– [RCSparks] So let’s see here, let’s get caught up. What are we doing? Well I already have the top cab assembled for the LESU forklift. This is a hydraulic forklift in case you’re just joining me. I’ve done a few videos about this assembly and build already. In the last one we did the […]