Metal Refining & Recovery, 18: Lead Free Solder

Hi everyone welcome back to my lab, so many of you will be excited to know that I am bringing back the precious metals Refining and recovery series so one thing that has been requested many times by people is to refine some of this Silver Solder here This is the stuff used in plumbing […]


Hello everyone, today I want to tell you about such a metal as tin. In the periodic table of chemical elements, tin is in the 14th group among the so-called base metals. This metal was known back in 4th millennia BC. Due to the inaccessibility, the price of tin was high. During the Bronze Age, […]

Amazing piece of metal (speculum)

I am holding probably the most amazing piece of metal that you have seen in any of our videos. This is the original mirror from Isaac Newton’s first telescope and this is his actual first telescope that he made. You can see behind it is the drawings that he made and the description he wrote […]

Magic metal – fusible alloys

This piece of metal behaves in a very unexpected way when we place it into hot water. So what’s going on here? This is Field’s metal. It’s a fusible eutectic alloy of indium, bismuth and tin which means that it melts at a lower temperature than that which we might expect and it also melts […]

Welding/Soldering Pins to an LCD – For Beginners – Arduino, Raspberry Pi learning

Hi here I’m Calvin from SunFound and we got a lot of emails about how to solder this LCD from super kit,So here I’m gonna show you how to solder this. Say no more, Let’s do this. So here what we need ? we need an solder iron and solder wires,this is the basic stuff […]

The Difference Between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals | Metal Supermarkets

Hi and welcome to Metal Supermarkets, the Convenience Stores for Metal. I’m Jason Jackson, Operations and Development Manager. One common question we hear at Metal Supermarkets is: What is the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals? Well, today we’ll take a look at the answer. The simple answer is that is that ferrous metals contain […]

How To Solder a 3.5mm, ⅛”, or Mini Headphone Connector

Hi I’m Benson with Linxus Communications Today we’re going to teach you how to correctly solder at 3.5 millimeter connector the 3.5 millimeter connector also known as mini plug ⅛” Jack or your common headphone jack can be used to plug into an mp3 player a CD player or a stereo. For this project you […]