Tech Tips: Repairing a Crack in Cast Iron

Hi, I’m Joe Kolasa. I’m the welding instructor at the Lincoln Electric welding school. We are here in Cleveland Ohio at the Lincoln Electric corporate headquarters, and I’m here to help you with some welding tips on cast iron. Most of the problems that we have with cast iron is due to its high carbon […]

How to TIG Weld Copper – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): Welding With Copper, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kev. What are you lookin’ at? Kevin Caron: Ain’t that purty? I got a request the other day for a copper video. Wow! The Voice: Copper welding? Kevin Caron: Copper welding. Yeah, I kind of knew I could do this with a TIG. […]

Covell Workshops for 2019

Hello I’m Ron Covell. I’ve just completed my schedule of workshops for 2019. I’ve selected five very exciting locations this year – let’s look at the lineup. My first workshop will be at the Rydell GM Auto Center, in Grand Forks, North Dakota. This shop has the distinction of building many top-end cars, and they […]

Tig Welding Root Pass Carbon Steel 1G Butt Welding #tigwelding 티그용접 백비드 아래보기 카본스틸

Hello, everyone. Today I made a back-bead video once. I’d appreciate it if you press SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, before you watch. Oh, one of our subscribers wants to know about Weaving at Carbon Steel. We’re making a video. I’ve created a back-bead video. These butt-welds are going to be able to create a joint of these […]

How To TIG Weld with the NEW Eastwood Digital TIG 200 AC/DC Welder!

everybody it’s matt from eastwood we’re here in the eastwood garage doing another live-text session today we are going to be covering some TIG welding so you’re just turning in make sure you stick with us for anybody hasn’t watched one of these before we wanted to be as interactive as possible so like you […]

TIG Welding Aluminum Part 3: Puddle Control Tips

We’re going to start working on puddle control. Puddle control, again not introducing any filler metal at this time at all, is basically establishing the puddle and walking that puddle down the piece. Now aluminum being the heatsink that aluminum gets hot real quick. It’s kind of like driving a car downhill. It keeps picking […]

TIG Welding Technique – Kevin Caron

Kevin Caron: So, I had a request off of YouTube on one of my other videos. Somebody was looking for some technique. They wanted me to talk about how I weld; how I TIG weld. So, this is the torch. This is the tungsten that you see in the end of it, right there. This […]

Recensione saldatrice a filo. parkside. PFDS 33 B3. lidl. test funzionamento e spiegazione d’uso b4

Hi everyone, guys. Good morning. I am Riccardo. Today I will do the review e the unboxing of the wire jumper of the parside. it is the model without gas. the model in question pfds 33 d3. is a welding machine that uses the animated wire, precisely without gas. I can not weld. I’ve never […]

Miller Service Important to Marine Hardware Manufacturer

With all the challenges here today, equipment is certainly one of the concentrations. Equipment and support from that manufacturer. Support was probably one of the biggest things that drew us to the Dynasty 400. Customer service and our local rep, huge advantage over the competition. Whenever there’s an issue and we make a call, Miller’s […]

Aluminum Boat Mast Build | JIMBO’S GARAGE

welcome to Jimbo’s garage welcome back to Jimbo’s garage well I’ve got another good one for you here this week we’re gonna be building an aluminum mast crane for for the back of a houseboat it might be similar to a dabit crane or add a bit lift the idea is going to be same […]