How does a Transformer work – Working Principle electrical engineering

Hey there guys, Paul here from In this video, we’re going to be looking at how transformers work. Now this follows on from our series on electrical engineering, so do check out the other videos if you’ve not done so already. Links are in the video description below. Coming up, we’ll be looking at […]

Ground Neutral and Hot wires explained

Hey there guys. Paul here from In this video, we’re going to be looking at the difference between the hot, neutral and ground wires as well as the function of each with some worked examples. This video is for homes in North America. If you are outside this region then you can still follow […]

120V 240V Electricity explained – Split phase 3 wire

– Hey there guys. Paul here from In this video we’re going to be learning how three wire split phase electricity supplies work to get 120 and 240 volts. We’ll look at how the electricity gets from the power station over to the property and then how it’s connected around the property and each […]

Three Phase Electricity Basics and Calculations electrical engineering

Hey there, guys. Paul here from In this video, we’re going to be learning more about three phase electricity. We’ll cover how three phases are generated, how we get two voltages from a three phase system, what do cycle and hertz mean, where the sine wave comes from, and how to calculate the voltages. […]

Mounting Hydraulic Kit For a Heating System With Three-phase Electrode Boiler Galan Brand.

Welcome, in today’s episode I’d like to present our hydraulic system kit. They can be launched to electrode boilers with a power of 6, 9, 15 as well as 25 kW. This kind of hydraulic system consists of an electrode boiler, this particular one is a 15 kW boiler, here is a control-box central circulator […]

How Three Phase Electricity works – The basics explained

hey there guys Paul here from the engineering mindset .com in this video we’re going to be looking at Three phase electricity and this follows on from our series on Electrical Engineering so if you haven’t watched the previous videos on this so far then please do this first links are in the video description […]

Single Phase Electricity Explained – wiring diagram energy meter

1 Phase Power Vs 3 Phase Power | Easiest Explanation | TheElectricalGuy

Electrical energy is generated transmitted and distributed in the form of three-phase power. Homes and small premises are connected with single-phase power but most of the time you will find that three-phase power is more preferred over single-phase power. The three-phase machineries are more efficient than single-phase, but why it is like that why three-phase […]

How to run industrial 3 phase motor on single phase

this GS2 to drive from automation direct I love this vintage lathe. it’s better than a rotary phase converter don’t buy a rotary phase converter because a variable frequency drive is less expensive and better single-phase from your house and convert it to three phase for your machines you have a speed control and you […]

Single Phase vs Three Phase – Difference Between Single Phase and Three Phase

Both three-phase and single-phase devices can be powered from a three-phase supply. A three-phase circuit is a combination of three and single-phase circuits. The current, voltage, and power relations of balanced three-phase AC circuits can be deliberate by applying the rules that apply to single-phase circuits. In this video we will Discusses about Different between […]