Thor’s Stormbreaker DESTROYS ALL (Ultimate Test Video!)

bring me Thanos! Wakanda for never Hey guys it’s finally time, I finished training to kill Thanos, which means it’s time to test our Stormbreaker build. Stormbreaker! but first… But in case you guys haven’t been following along this is make it real and I’m your host the Hacksmith, we take fictional ideas from comics […]

Unobtainium: What Is The Strongest Metal?

Hello. I’m Tyler. This is the Imaginary Axis And this week, I cut myself With a knife. It’s already started healing so it might be difficult to see but a few days ago, I did find a stainless steel blade slicing the palm of my hand, at least momentarily. Our bodies are vulnerable. We don’t […]


Your ancestors called it magic, and you call it science. Well, from where I come from they’re one in the same. Hey guys, I’m the Hacksmith, and as you know on our channel we take fictional ideas from comics movies and video games and make real working prototypes. We’ve made Captain America’s electromagnet shield, Batman’s […]

Jujimufu Destroys EVERYTHING With Hacksmith Projects!

Alright so in this week’s episode we’ve got a special guest Jujimufu: HI! we brought you Jujimufu to the shop and he walked around looked at all our projects you can see the tour on our vlog channel and we decided that we’re just gonna smash stuff so let’s get to it okay let’s go […]

BRING ME THANOS! Building Stormbreaker: Part 2

Hey guys, on the last episode of Make it Real We started building Stormbreaker, Thor’s new weapon from Infinity War Now, it’s time to build the Hammer end of it To build it we’re going to be using a cool technique where we plasma cut steel plate And then weld it together to form the […]