Tantalum – The MOST CONFLICT Metal On EARTH!

Hello everyone Today I want to tell you about this refractory and also a conflict-making metal, Tantalum. In the periodic table of chemical elements Tantalum is located in the fifth group among the so-called transitional refractory metals. Due to its rarity and difficulty in obtaining Tantalum was named after the Greek king, Tantalus. According to […]

Hafnium – The Last Stable Metal On Earth!

Hello everyone. In this video I’d like to tell you about the most recently discovered non-radioactive metal. That is, about hafnium. If you look at the periodic table, You’ll see that hafnium is located at the bottom of the group 4 along with zirconium and titanium. It is there not accidentally, because all of these […]


Hello everyone, Today I would like to tell you about the metal ruthenium Which has recently received heavy coverage in the mass media. In the periodic table of chemical elements, It belongs to the so-called platinum group, which unites metals, chemicals and physical properties which are similar, and also those metals that are commonly found […]

Titanium – The STRONGEST METAL On Earth!

Hello Everyone Today, I want to tell you about the most durable metal on Earth. Titanium In the periodic table of chemical elements, Titanium is in the forth group, located after Scandium. In nature, this element is found in the composition of minerals. Such as titanite and rutile. Pure titanium usually is slivery grey. And […]


[Disclaimer] Hello everyone. Today, I’ll tell you about the most toxic metal on Earth, about Thallium. In the period table of chemical elements, Thallium lies on the bottom of group 13, and have the atomic number, 81. Let us start with a little bit of history Thallium was first discovered in 1861, by English scientist […]

Cesium – The most ACTIVE metal on EARTH!

【Warning】 Hello everyone. Today I will tell you about the most active and unusual metal on earth: Cesium. Cesium is an active alkaline metal, which is located near the bottom of the periodic table of chemical elements only Francium(Fr) can be more active than Cesium(Cs). but that metal is radioactive and an un insignificant amount […]

Iridium – The MOST RARE Metal on Earth!

[intro] Hello everyone! Today I’ll tell you about the most rare metal on earth – iridium. Iridium is a transition metal, which is located in the middle of the periodic table. below of rhodium. If we take a look at the abundance of elements in the Earth’s crust, iridium holds the last place. That is […]


[rumbling] Hello everyone! Do you want to get to know what metal may soon be used for making 10 petabyte hard drives and why no MRI brain scanners can be made without it? Now you will get to know all of that. Friends, here is holmium – the most magnetic metal on earth having the […]

Niobium – A Metal Which REPLACES GOLD!

Hello everyone Today I will tell you about the metal that can replace Gold about Niobium In the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Niobium is placed in the 5th group between Vanadium and Tantalum It got its name in the honor of Niobe, the daughter of the ancient Greek King Tantalus And this is not […]