Electrical Wire Splices and Joints: Double Wrapped Cross Joints

These is what you need to prepare then This is the form pick this hold here The other one is about to break close the gap that’s fast

Z-Girls T.P.I – Fire Flame MV Reaction | We had so much fun!

What’s up guys, we’re kpopsis back at you with another video. I’m Meghan I’m Brianna and we are sisters, super into kpop. But once again, this is not kpop This is Z pop Yeah, I didn’t expect to have Z pop so soon again But and these things happen this way a lot of you […]

How To Design A Laser Cut Finger Joint Box Accurately

what’s up I’m Jonathan and welcome to maker tales where I’m sharing my maker journey to help you go further in yours so don’t forget subscribe and hit that little bell icon to never miss an opportunity to keep making in this video we’re going to be making this little box which is a great […]

Tour the Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute

(upbeat music) – This is the Bone & Joint Institute. (upbeat music) First step inside and you’ll be wowed. It’s not just the best physicians you’ll find here, it’s one of the most beautiful hospitals you will ever see. Every detail created with patients like you in mind. Outside you might not realize that this […]

Combining Casio’s A1000D and A1000M to make a better stainless steel watch!

so my video a few weeks ago about Casio’s A1000D was a mixed bag some of you really liked this watch and some were on the fence but let’s be clear the mother-of-pearl dial was not a hit. Honestly I do enjoy wearing this watch and the dial doesn’t really bother me at all but […]

Cool Things: Sacred Threads | Social Fabric | Fuse

My name is Kyle, I made a show about clothes. Here’s some of the cool stuff I collect along the way. Amazing Sunday’s best suit is cool because you could really just dress in anything you want. As long as you look your best. This is a denim striped suit. A ticking stripe if you […]

Screencast 2.3.4: Combining the Product and Quotient Rules

Hi there and welcome to the screen cast where we’re going to do an example of computing a derivative where several rules are being combined at once. In particular both the product rule and the quotient rule are gonna show up here. And it’s gonna be our job to decide what rule to apply when. […]

Jetline/Jobon Dual Flame Lighter Review

Hello, PlanetLighter here and i have a review of this lighter it is a jetline but do not know the exact model name but it does have good dual uh… burners. it has a torch and uh… suppose have a pipe burner as well. But the normal flame does not work on it uh… never […]

Say THIS To Her, Then Watch Her Melt

Let me teach you something about attraction. There are masculine traits, there are feminine traits. When those two are presented in front of each other, there’s a greater chance of attraction. When you are displaying your masculine traits in front of a woman who was displaying her feminine traits, you two have a chance of […]