Merge sort algorithm

So far in this series on sorting algorithms, we have talked about 3 of the sorting algorithms – selection sort, bubble sort and insertion sort. And we have seen that these algorithms are not so fast, they’re all O (n^2) in average case. Now in this lesson, we’re going to talk about one algorithm which […]

Combining two different animals to make a new animal (again)

OHMYGOD! What’s this? It’s… Uh… …Combining animals! Again… Number 2… It’s like… That one sequel… That nobody asked for and… Where they- (BLEEP) Uhm… Anyway, so… I’m drawing with… Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 And… a…uh… Wacom Intuos… Uh, like… It’s called like “Pen” or something, I don’t remember… I’ll put it on the screen So […]

Realistic Fire & Flame Effects | Photoshop Tutorial

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you a way to create fire effects in Photoshop. First-off we need to add an adjustment layer above our image. If the adjustment window isn’t open yet, go to Window…Adjustments to bring it up. You’ll see the adjustments window on your right bar. The adjustment you want to add […]

L’atelier 4.20 by Arkema – Innovation supporting the automotive industry

Hello, welcome to Arkema for a new episode of L’atelier 4.20. Nowadays, to reduce its impact on the environment, the automotive industry must use increasingly technical and innovative materials. And this is where we step in! Bodywork, optics, interiors, engine block… Our products are everywhere and this interactive application will help us locate them. Let’s […]

How these Massachusetts farmers are turning manure and food waste into power

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the final episode of our special series this week on food waste, we look at some innovative solutions being developed to deal with the growing problem of spoiled and surplus food in this country. Special correspondent Allison Aubrey visited a state where dairy farmers are using it to power their farms and […]


Hello, everybody The village is wiring today Now there’s no electricity I bought some rice cakes just now Cooking noodles to eat Kale Ask grandma to open this for you Go to the elder brother Give dad one And then the rest is yours Would grandma like it For grandma Give mom one This is […]

Sanding Metal is Even Easier | Laguna ENDURO Wide Belt Metal Sanders | Laguna Tools

John: Hi, I’m John with Laguna Tools. Today we’re going to go into the Enduro MW37 Pro. It’s an excellent wide belt machine made to process metal, especially after your plasma cut parts, your water jet, or even a laser cut part. John: Now we’re going to run a couple samples now. We’re going to […]

Linear Friction Welding – Sòphia High Tech

There isn’t any welding process which can ensure good results like this one. This Titanium joint was obtained by friction between two bars at 40 Hz. This Titanium joint was obtained by friction between two bars at 40 Hz. This is possible thanks to Linear Friction Welding fixture. The process is green and it doesn’t […]

How does a Transformer work – Working Principle electrical engineering

Hey there guys, Paul here from In this video, we’re going to be looking at how transformers work. Now this follows on from our series on electrical engineering, so do check out the other videos if you’ve not done so already. Links are in the video description below. Coming up, we’ll be looking at […]

Does electricity have a color?

Hello dear friends this week. I’d like to answer another interesting question What color is electricity? This is a very interesting question first of all electricity doesn’t have a color and because this is problematic for TV electricity is shown in all kinds of colors and Advertising and movies alike. Oh, that’s it. Yes afraid […]