हिंदी- IDFC Bank and Capital First merger / IDFC First analysis

Hello investors, may name is Sagar and in this video, we’ll talk about the IDFC Bank and Capital First merger and I will talk about the new entity and their future plans. Lastly, I will tell if I will invest or not in this company Let’s start with Capital First . Their managing director was […]

Blanket Your Burger In Melted Cheese Curds

The cheese curd blanket all started just one day, cheese curds kind of fell on the grill, on the flattop and they all melted and oozed together to form this little comfy little nest. And I was just kind of standing there looking at the burger like wait a minute. I just flipped it over […]

What would the AT&T-Time Warner merger mean for consumers?

JUDY WOODRUFF: The Department of Justice announced it is suing to block a mega-merger between media giants AT&T and Time Warner, a deal initially valued at $85 billion. It is the first major antitrust case taken up by the Trump administration. Lisa Desjardins has the story. LISA DESJARDINS: The Justice Department said this merger would […]

Why 50Hz in India | Why 60Hz in USA | Historical FACTS of electricity

Hello Everyone, today we are going to discuss: Why in India we use 50 Hz for Electrical power while in US, they are using 60 Hz, but we use 50 Hz. Now one would answer normally because British was using 50 Hz that’s why we also used same standard that is 50 Hz. Now question […]

The canoe champion who builds his own rowing machines | Original Fuel

(3RD PLACE U23 MEN’S 200M CANOE SPRINT)(WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SZEGED 2014)(3RD PLACE MEN’S C-1200M CANOE SINGLE)(WORLD CUP DUISBURG 2016)(5TH PLACE MEN’S C-1200M OLYMPIC GAMES RIO 2016)(ORIGINAL FUEL)(ZAZA NADIRADZE – CANOE – GEORGIA)In this city, there have always been the rowers,because there is a lot of waterand there used to be large facilitiesand there were boats, and […]

How Bacteria That Make Electricity Could Help Us Colonize Mars

how much would you pack for a trip to Mars astronauts will need a lot of stuff to survive the long journey there and back but with current technology it would take way too much space scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley are on the case they’re studying special bacteria called exoelectrogens […]

A2 Tool Steel and 440C Stainless Steel Plate for Laser Cutting Knife Blanks

Finally got the two steel plates in for cutting my blanks. The larger plate is A2 tool steel and the smaller plate is 440C stainless steel. I will take these over later this week to the cnc laser to have them cut. I am going to cut BK Neck Knives from the A2 tool steel […]

Welding and Fabricating

If you’re good with your hands, comfortable with technology and able to create things on-the-fly, Kirtland’s welding and fabricating degrees can prepare you with skills so you will have career options as a welder, millwright, pipe fitter, research and development, automotive shops, tool shops, construction and many more. Kirtland’s state-of-the-art M-TEC facility in Gaylord features […]