OMG! I Found A Huge Silver Treasure Hoard Metal Detecting!

I am having a great day. I am out here hunting Civil War relics or whatever else I may be able to find in the water I was hunting down this shoreline finding a few bullets here an there And I started digging a lot of junk and stuff I have my Garrett AT Pro […]

Electrode Placement with the ClearPoint System – A “Kinder, Gentler” Surgery

It’s just easier on patients. There is less stress; there is less memory of the whole event which can sometimes be quite a bit to go through. And I think it is just a kinder, gentler way for the patient to have the operation.

Halo 2 – 2° Spot TV (Teaser VOST)

We ran from them. They followed. We thought they’d never find us. We were wrong. I will continue my campaign against the humans ! No enemy has ever withstood our might. Chief, we’re running out of time. I need a weapon. — Friendlies moving out, covering fire ! — We’ve got Jackals in the courtyard […]

Making Pipes Drain AGAIN, by rehabilitating a corroded Cast iron drain embedded in a foundation.

Alright, its the moment of truth. We got the pipe patch in there. Its been sitting there about an hour and a half, or actually, I’m sorry, about an hour and forty five minutes. Adam and I got it set up earlier, along with Cullen. So, our patch is hopefully about ready to go. We’re […]

Kobalt stainless steel workbench

man oh man oh man oh man look at all the parts Paulo you had a good idea and that’s what I’m doing it took me about 45 minutes to unpackage all this stuff out of that box that’s a hundred and twenty hundred and twenty-five pounds of stainless steel right there and that is […]

On the Job with Mader – Expansion continues in WA

Hi there, I’m Ben Nash, Manager of the Ancillary division. Come June 19, I’ll have worked at Mader for ten years. In my time here, I’ve helped kick off the field service team. In my time at Mader, we’ve grown from 30 to 130 employees. I’m excited about growth opportunities in the Pilbara region with […]

Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : Proper Ventilation & Shop Safety for Welding Fumes & Gasses

Hi! My name is John from In this video clip, we will be discussing fumes and proper ventilation. Dust fumes and metal particles can be very hazardous to your health. It is essential to have a good ventilation system if you are working in a shop or in an indoor area. While someone is […]

Welding Training Provides A World Full Of Opportunities

I grew up in El Paso, in Juárez. This is in the borderland in far West Texas. It’s so remote a very simple environment but a very loving environment There is a difference in the pay from the borderland to the rest of the U.S. People don’t see that there is a lot of opportunities […]

Jeep Cj5 Project – Preparing A Gas Tank For Welding – THE EASY WAY

This is a gas tank from a CJ5. 1979. After power washing it and sandblasting it I blew through some rust holes here. You can see some pits here almost through. I dug a hole here right on this seam and this seam is eaten away so I got to fix that. So I’m going […]