Combine cells in excel (CH-AD2986) (concatenate formula)

Hello guys today I will be showing you how to combine two cells together in one cell Okay, just put equal to sign here And then write this word CON and And then select CONCATENATE from the list Click it Then it’s telling you to select two cells, so we have to click on the […]

How to Fix Car Noise When Turning (CV Joint and Axle)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel Is your car making clacking noises when you accelerate and turn, like this, now on a front-wheel drive car, that means one thing, the cv joints are worn on the outside in their clacking, and we’ll jack it up to […]

How to Solder Copper Pipe without a flame UK

My name’s Allen Hart and today I wanted to talk about how to solder without a flame so I’ve been a gas engineer for 28 years since 1990 so I’ve been solder in for a long time and to be honest for you don’t like the fumes that come off it so I’ve tried other […]

Autism and Joint Attention | Fun Minute Tip 3

It’s time for Into the Spectrum’s, FUN MINUTE TIP! Hi, I’m back again, it’s Courtney Peters and today we’re going to talk about Joint Attention. So what is Joint Attention? What you’re doing is sharing enjoyment with somebody. Let’s think of when you’re outside with somebody and you see an airplane. So what you do […]

How To Create a Shiny Metal Text Effect in Photoshop

Hello everyone Chris here from Spoon Graphics back with another video tutorial. Last week I received a great tutorial suggestion on Twitter from Daniel Alessandro, who asked if I could create a guide based on the metal text effect from the title artwork of the upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts. It’s a really nice shiny metal, […]

Harnessing Electricity To Communicate

Hello from Redmond. The Education Workshop’s been thinking a lot about electricity and the vital role it has played in the changing world of communications. We are excited to present a collection of hands-on activities that will guide your students from the invention of the electrical circuit to the development of the Telegraph. The lesson […]

Darche Stainless Steel Portable 450 BBQ Firepit – Setup & Review

– Hi my name’s Bob and I’m part of the team at the Brendale Store. With winter coming on, there’s nothing better than having a fire and to help you with that, Darche have released their brand new stainless steel barbecue pit. Essentially it all folds flat. And to quickly build it, basically you have […]

How to Make a Modern LED Infinity Illusion Mirror

Hi guys, welcome to TECHYDIY. My name is Nigel and today I am going to build an infinity mirror with a modern style. The design works really well as a table lamp. It’s powered by a safe low-voltage power supply. It uses LED lights and best of all it looks great! So keep watching and […]

How to Build a Metal Carport – Part 1

it has been close to a year now that my dad has been asking about a carport they currently just park out in the Sun because the garage is actually his workshop so since I’m still staying with them for a few weeks until closing on the house I decided it was a perfect opportunity […]