Melting METAL Fidgets In a 2000ºF Foundry

What’s up guys? Check it out, we finally got a fairly nice day of good weather. So for this video, we’re back outside. Now for the last couple of months my comment section has been blowing up with people asking me to do something with fidget spinners. Make my own fidget spinners, modify fidget spinners. […]

Keep Melted Gummy In A Vacuum Chamber

Hey, whats up guys. Today we are back with our silicone brain molds And today is the day we’re making gummy brains. Now you remember in our last project we took silicone and poured it over real cows brains Then we ripped the molds open, removed the brain, and then we sterilized the mold in […]

Liquid Metal Play Button Melts In Your Hand

check it out this is crazy my silver play button is melting hey guys welcome back now in this video I thought it’d be fun to focus on the YouTube silver play button if you start a channel in YouTube and gain 100,000 subscribers YouTube will send me one of these it’s a silver play […]

Melting SALT in a Furnace

Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the dome where today! We’re gonna be doing some experiments using salt and seeing what happens if we melt it down in our foundry some other channels have already Done some experiments using molten salt, and I figured it was our turn to give it a shot so […]

Melting Diamonds with Oxygen

In today’s video, we’re testing if diamonds really are forever. What happens if we try to burn one? [Music] Previously, on this channel, we’ve showed you how to make liquid oxygen by taking liquid nitrogen, putting in an insulating container, and letting it just evaporate off. Once the liquid nitrogen has boiled off, you’re left […]

It’s Raining Melted Gummy Worm

Wow, dude. Did you just eat that for real? You know what? What’s up guys welcome back. I’m here with another giant of a man, Mr. Logan Paul! Logan [oh] that is me. What is up? Yo this guy’s crazy, bro! So, today we got the world’s largest gummy worm We’re bringing back liquid nitrogen, […]

Can Melting 1,000 Lollipops Make One MASSIVE Lollipop?

In today’s video, we’re going to see what happens if we take 1000 lollipops, and melt them in a slow cooker. [Music] I’m Nate. I’m Calli, and we have a new slow cooker. What should we put in it? I have a couple extra lollipops. Yeah. [Music] You might not know what the word couple […]

We Liquified a Himalayan Salt Lamp

In today’s video, we are taking a pile of Himalayan salt lamps, and putting them through some stress test to see just what they can and cannot handle. [Music] Guys, ironically enough, just a few hours ago today, Veritasium released a video that debunked whether or not Himalayan salt crystal lamps were actually good for […]

Matchbook Fuse Igniter

Whats up guys! We are back and today we’re gonna try and experiment making a pull tab, pyrotechnic. Now I found an US army handbook on Amazon and as I started flipping through it I found a cool tutorial on how to make a fuse igniter from a book of matches. The idea being that […]

How To Make Slow Burning Fuses

When experimenting with homemade pyrotechnics, things go wrong, and you don’t want to be too close if your composition explodes. I need some sort of a pyrotechnic time-delay, so for this project I’m using items from around the house, to make a simple form of a slow burning fuse. If you’ve seen my videos on […]