Erie 1 BOCES: Welding

Basically what we try to do is prepare these young guys and girls for a entry-level welding position. You learn like, all forms of welding. You’ve got uh, MIG welding, flux core, stick. We started with basic theory. We work all the way through stick welding, SMAW, flux core, MIG welding, right into senior year […]

Craft Artist Career Video

Craft art takes many forms from handmade furniture and jewelry to clothing and stained glass. Craft artists create these, and other handmade objects and digital products, to be functional works of art. Craft artists work with many different materials to create their pieces, and may also use fine-art techniques for example, painting, sketching, and printing […]

Mod-01 Lec-26 Welding Parameters & their Effects

Well, today before we start with the welding parameters and their effects, little bit is left from yesterday’s regarding power supply. We will do that and then, go over to the welding parameters and their effects. So, we have seen constant current power source and constant potential power source. There is another mode which is […]