Relief in Place | 31st MEU

What I hope the battalion and the BLT gains from this deployment? Number one is experience. We’ve had, you know, so many years that we were in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, you know, what I really hope is that those, especially those younger Marines, you know, this is a chance for them to really get […]

The C-Shop | III MEF Marines Come Out of the Woodwork

I think the most challenging thing when I first got here, It’s different now but when i first got here, I didn’t know anything about carpentry. We didn’t learn this at our MOS school. So you Youtube it, or you ask somebody. You look at it, you learn You practice, you perfect it. And it […]

What it Means to Me | Metalworking

My name is Cpl. James Tedder and I’m a 1316, metal worker. We weld, fabricate parts, for Marine Corps equipment basically anything that comes down that has to do with metal, we work it. I enjoy what I do because, I mean, it’s really nice taking all those raw ingredients and turning it into something […]