ROBOTT-NET: Adaptive Welding for Epoke

Epoke in Vejen, Denmark develops machines for efficient winter road maintenance including some reservoir solutions, where you have a need for welding large constructions. And for that they have been using large fixtures. The goal of the voucher was to investigate the possibilty of avoiding larger fixture jobs. The technology, that we wanted to investigate, […]

How nontraditional pathways can lead workers to good jobs

JUDY WOODRUFF: Over the past few weeks, we reported a series on how colleges and universities are trying to move lower-income students into the middle class. While many students still take a traditional path to college degree, there are other alternatives. John Yang examines some of them. It’s part our weekly segment Making the Grade. […]

ACAC Air Cabon Arc Gouging Part 2 8 1 2012

so this is what carbon arc does lets see what it is doing. the next thing is to start the wrapping up and wind upthe cables and put them away but we’ve been doing audible boats of all of art a tremendous this one’s uh… i happen to be doing this outside all along well […]

Wolfpack Motorsports Uses Miller to Build Polaris RZR

Jeremy Merrell, we are here at Wolfpack Motorsports in Orange County, California. These vehicles are going anywhere from you know, 60 to 100 miles an hour. And at that speed there’s some bad things that could happen if you don’t have reliable equipment. Right behind me we have our Polaris RZR racecar that we race […]

RMD Welding Technology Doubles Productivity for Sigma Thermal

Anything that makes the welder’s job easier is a good investment, to me. Even with no profit, if it makes the guys’ job easier, you’ve made a better workplace, you’ve made a better environment. One of the things I love about the PipeWorx, it does a great job of MIG welding pipe. It also does […]

Are Disc Brakes Here To Stay? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 29

(electronic noises) – Welcome to the GCN tech show. – This week, we’ve got world record attempts. Tour de France tech, bling tech, and a bike that was possibly ridden by the Peaky Blinders. – And Ollie gets to step into the bike vault. How lucky is he? Lucky. (upbeat music) Right then, what is […]

The Pathway from Discovery to Job Development: Essential Steps for Customized Employment Success

>>CARY GRIFFIN: Well, welcome everybody. I’m Cary Griffin, the CEO of Griffin-Hammis Associates, located in Florence, Montana and with offices around the country. Today I am working with our friends and colleagues at VCU at the Research and Training Center and we’re going to be doing a short session today on how it is that […]

The 4 Sentence Cover Letter That Gets You The Job Interview

Hi everyone, it’s Andy LaCivita founder of Milewalk and the Milewalk Academy, and the award-winning author of the Hiring Prophecies here with today’s episode of tips for work and life, today we’re going to talk about cover letters. When I say cover letters what I really mean is any means you’re going to use to […]

How to remove a broken bolt 4 different ways!

Removing broken bolts can be very difficult especially if you don’t do it all the time. I’m going to show you some techniques that I use in this video that I often use when I’m working on-site and I’ll show you all the techniques that I know of to remove broken bolts. Now there are […]