Electric field | Electric charge, electric force, and voltage | Physics | Khan Academy

Let’s imagine that instead of having two charges, we just have one charge by itself, sitting in a vacuum, sitting in space. So that’s this charge here, and let’s say its charge is Q. That’s some number, whatever it is. That’s it’s charge. And I want to know, if I were to place another charge […]

Merge Plane Gameplay #9 – WAR THUNDER EVENT! – Walkthrough Android – GPV247

hi everyone gameplay vids 24/7 here welcome back to my merge playing gameplay walkthrough series for the PC days and German we are back here on merch plane or do you hope you’re all having a wonderful doubt there thank you all so much for tuning in to another episode so apparently there is a […]

Banshee 10mm/Flux MP17 Chassis – Which is COOLER?! – TGC News

This week on TGC News, Flux is fluxing on everyone, Bolt guns galore and the Banshee goes to 10! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to all of the folks that are subscribed to our […]

Exclusive Interview: Gov. George Pataki on Opportunities for People with Disabilities

The RespectAbility Report: Gov. Pataki, when you are president, or in a Pataki administration, what would you do for people with disabilities in America?    Gov. George Pataki: Well, first of all, I think it is important to uphold the laws that require access that President George H. W. Bush signed. I think it is […]

Conceptual understanding of flux in three dimensions | Multivariable Calculus | Khan Academy

Let’s say we are operating… …in three dimensions. And I have a function, rho, …which is a function of (x,y,z)… …and it gives us the mass density… …at any point in three dimensions, …of some fluid. Some particular fluid. Maybe it’s a gas, or a fluid, …water. Who knows what it is? Some type of […]

Using a Transformation Table in Power Query’s Fuzzy Merges

what I’ve got to tell you today is hot. You’re gonna say, “That was hot gimme some more!” But first I want to share my schedule with you. On the 11th of July I’m telling stories at the Blackenteurs show in Portland Oregon then there’s Excel Summit South. We are gonna be upside down and […]

Black Holes and Neutron Stars: A Merger in Space

So our first panel participant is a Professor of Physics at Princeton University. Uh, in addition to his studies of gravitational collapse, black hole mergers and cosmic singularities, he designs algorithms to efficiently solve Einstein’s equations on large computer clusters The next participant is an assistant professor in the Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Center […]

Fényes jövő: megújuló energiaforrások és energiatárolók – Dr. Pálfi Géza – Flux Szimpózium 2017

Hello and good day to you all, Yesterday during the rehearsal, I saw that everybody started their lecture with engaging the audience and giving them a little task. So I would like all of you to raise your phone in your hand, maybe your iPad or anything of the like, so that we can make […]

2017 DeLorean Is Going Back In Time? NO FLUX CAPACITOR!?!

Deloreans are coming back on the market mr. fusions don’t come standard and that’s what we’re going to talk about today because it’s my show egotastic tied down and have a great time in the past five times shut up butt-head on the best hey gang i’m JP and welcome back to go tastic fun […]