Capacitor Replacement Tutorial

Ever had one of those days where a cat was chewing up your circuit board? Or maybe you have an old amplifier where the capacitors seem to be leaking this yucky poisonous goo? If you have ever been in that situation you might be able to fix the circuit board by replacing the capacitors. Let’s […]

MEGA Metal Foundry

What’s up guys welcome back, thanks for joining us today on the king of random in the past We’ve shown you how to make your very own backyard foundry using a metal bucket and this stuff called kaowool Well this has worked out great. We’ve used it for a whole bunch of different projects and […]

Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Stainless Steel Exhaust Header (2007-2011 3.8L JK) Review

These Rugged Ridge Stainless Steel Exhaust Headers are for those of you that have a 2007 to 2011 JK with that 3.8 liter engine, that are looking for a replacement exhaust manifold. These are going to be very similar in design to that factory exhaust manifold, but they are going to be made of 409 […]

Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket Series – Volume 4: Installation – Mac’s Tie Downs

So, here I am under the back of an old aluminum tub rock crawler. This has got a Currie rock jock Dana 60 housing in it. In the ideal location you can actually see where this has been worn over several years of transporting. Right there and there where I typically run an axle strap […]

Energy Saving Devices -shows How to Save Electricity 25%!

so i set up this Electrical Power Saver demonstration kit here to show you exactly how it works I have a show you exactly how it works i have a motor that came out of an air conditioner we have our unit Power Corrector we have a meter here that is going to measure how […]

Examining Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, 14 Years On

The original Metal Gear Solid is an oddity; with Sons of Liberty arguably setting the mechanical (and perhaps visual) foundation for the games going forward, as well as each game since the first receiving its fair share of port jobs and upgrades. Outside of a re-release of an emulation on the PS3, however, the original […]

How to squeeze electricity out of crystals – Ashwini Bharathula

This is a crystal of sugar. If you press on it, it will actually generate its own electricity. How can this simple crystal act like a tiny power source? Because sugar is piezoelectric. Piezoelectric materials turn mechanical stress, like pressure, sound waves, and other vibrations into electricity and vice versa. This odd phenomenon was first […]

Factory to Forecourt – Weld Shop

I’ve messed around with cars all my life, basically since fifteen or sixteen. I like looking at cars, I like to hear the engines. My name is Dwane Hovell, my job description is a welder. I’ve worked at Toyota for nearly three years now. I build rear doors, weld them, braze them, seal doors. There’s […]

Sailboat refit: installing a stainless steel arch for solar panels and dinghy davits #33

So now we are on our way to the welder where we are going to be talking about design and price Ryan and I will probably have a bit of a conflict of interests my interest being the aestetics of the boat Ryan’s interest being preserving our budget You’ve got much flatter stern than this […]

Post Malone Watch Collection – Rated from 1 to 10!

So this celebrity watch review is on rapper, pop star or straight up rock stock, or whatever it is you wanna call him, Post Malone. Our sponsor for this video is Horus Watch Straps. They have the best color selection and fitment in the industry. They also make straps for many different types of watch […]