FLEXOPLEX Testimonial for Wrist Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief (2018)

Today I want to tell you about FLEXOPLEX, it’s an all-natural joint pain relief product that I came across But before I start talking about FLEXOPLEX I had several questions about the product so I called the customer service and they were very helpful and tried to answer all my questions One of the things […]

David’s Experience with TWS Graduates at Ingalls Shipbuilding – TWS Employer Testimonials

TWS prepares their students in a way that the industry works every day meaning the employees must be at work every day they must be dedicated to doing the job right and a good job doing right every time so you don’t have rework and the staff of TWS instills that their students and when […]

Day in the Life of a Tulsa Welding School Graduate: Matt K. Feeling Cool Welding For a Career

I think I decided to go into welding just because of how interesting it is how many different things you can do with it from building cars to you know roller coasters or ships tanks you know a bunch of that stuff and just interested me the whole hands-on part of the trade rather than […]

Williams testimonial

Hi, my name is Dave Miles. I’m responsible for the fabrication department of Williams F1 racing team. Welding and motor sports have always been closely linked. High strength alloys used in race car construction demand reliable joining techniques that can repel the energy and high stress loads of competition. Williams F1 team use Kemppi equipment […]