Massimo Varini presenta Eko Guitars serie PRIMO Sparkling Flame EQ chitarra classica amplificata

Melting Metal In My HAND! | 10 Strange Chinese Products

wait so what does this do it’s supposed to stretch out your neck this is upsetting what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome back to another ten alright guys videos over by five welcome back to another ten strange Chinese items that Tanner here found on all these shut that Tanner found on […]

Monster magnet meets flames…

Hi! Before we get started: Can you spot the difference? The sphere on the right is pushing the flame without touching it. How is this possible? Let’s look into it… In this video I’ll handle powerful magnets. Don’t let the big magnets bite you… There’ll also be a lot of flames. Don’t let fire play […]

Compression Test / Side-lying Compression | Sacroiliac Joint Provocation

UMi Super – Bend Test, Burn test, Flame Test – Durability video

Up until today… every single phone that ive tested on my channel has been purchased by me. And I like it that way. It lets me be totally unbiased in my durability reviews. Don’t get me wrong… I wont turn down a free phone to test, it just hasn’t happened yet… Until today. Today a […]

Sacroiliac Joint Special/Orthopedic Test: Thigh Thrust Test

This is Brent of the Brookbush Institute in this video we’re going over another special or orthopedic tests for sacroiliac joint pain, this is the thigh thrust test. I’m going to have my friend Melissa come out she’s going help me demonstrate. Now I think you guys will find that the trickiest part of this […]

Find Out How To Get Relief from Joint Pain on the Ketogenic Diet

When the temperature starts to drop, sometimes you notice a little bit more in the way of aches and pains that just kind of come out of nowhere. Hey, I’m Thomas DeLauer with Keto-Mojo and I’m giving the breakdown on the how the ketogenic diet can help you out when it comes down to easing […]

The Standing Bent Over | Standing Flexion | Vorlauf Test for SI-Joint Dysfunction

In this video I’m going to show you the Standing Bent Over Test also known as Standing Flexion or Fall Off Test for Sacroiliac dysfunction Hi, and welcome back to Physiotutors like many other palpation tests the standing bent over test has a low reliability and validity with a Sensitivity of 17% and a Specificity […]

Flame Test 05

this demonstration here’s a little bit more exciting version of the flame test lab or demo that’s normally done. What I’m doing here, I’m pouring methyl alcohol across several different well plates containing different metal salts, in what my students call a bartending look here, but what I’ve done is I’ve pour the alcohol across […]