EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS 15 OBJECTS! Orbeez Crayons Sour Candy and Toys! SATISFYING

What’s up (Oh my its starting) It’s Collins Key! (HONEY GET THE POPCORN!) Now, today, I’m doing the 1000 degree glowing knife experiment I’ve seen this thing all over YouTube, and it looks like a absolute blast! i’m not sure who started it? The first person I saw was Mr.Gear. But right now before we […]

How to repair a 12 volt car battery using food grade Alum and baking soda for under 5 dollars

All right, I’m going to be trying to do today is convert Some of these old batteries that don’t hold charge anymore like this one this one has Not even a volt no oh two volts there Well over 2 volts 30 so basically nothing Screwdriver for this, but I just grabbed this because it […]

Making a Jacob’s Ladder to Celebrate a Million Subs!

Hi. Shh. (Trying to focus.) Y-YEAH!! ((slap hands)) ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! {{burst-open party horn noise}} {{plop}} Well, this calls for two things. First, I’d like to make a celebration candle, which I’ll make out of a Jacob’s ladder; And second, …I’m gonna *give away four* of these Lulzbot mini to you, my viewers and patrons, […]

TWI – an introduction to mechanical testing techniques

mechanical testing our materials respond to forces it’s essential data for design defining the limiting data that a structure can withstand without failure mechanical tests are broadly divided into two types quantitative and qualitative quantitative tests give numerical results that are used for design whereas qualitative tests are used for making comparisons well in this […]


Hi guys What’s up? I’m the interesting and I’m Ficus We decided to reach a new level And make a 2-storey house 2-storey house from scotch tape And if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet Click the button below and subscribe it right now. Let’s get started I’m using this cool thing for the […]

How to Make a Shunt Current Sense Resistor

Hi, I want to make a *beep* I said shunt! I want to make a *shunt* current sense resistor. Basically the way we measure current is by converting it into voltage passing it through a known resistor which we call a shunt and so the current is the measured voltage divided by the known resistance. […]

Recensione saldatrice a filo. parkside. PFDS 33 B3. lidl. test funzionamento e spiegazione d’uso b4

Hi everyone, guys. Good morning. I am Riccardo. Today I will do the review e the unboxing of the wire jumper of the parside. it is the model without gas. the model in question pfds 33 d3. is a welding machine that uses the animated wire, precisely without gas. I can not weld. I’ve never […]

Can JB Weld fix a cracked cylinder head? See the proof!!

You know I’ve always heard that JB Weld can fix a cracked engine block or a cracked cylinder head But I’ve never seen it done And I don’t know if you have either but today we’re going to find out once and for all if JB Weld is up to the task of fixing a […]

Why 3 Phase AC instead of Single Phase???

Hi. In my last video, I talked about how Tesla won the AC-DC battle against Edison. But then he shoved three-phase AC down our throats instead of single-phase AC. Edison: “Oh no, he didn’t. He always asked for too much” Ah, get lost Eddy! Obviously Tesla had a good reason. What is a three-phase AC? […]

Saldatrice a filo da 120 ampere. Lidl. Parkside. PFDS 120 A2. Senza gas.

good morning. I’m Riccardo. welcome back in my lab. then, today we will do review and boxing of the Parkside flush welding machine, model PFDS 120 A2. 120 amp model. from 25 to 120 amps. out today for the first time, 11 July 2019 for the price of 99 EUR. it should be evolution and […]