Melting Metal In My HAND! | 10 Strange Chinese Products

wait so what does this do it’s supposed to stretch out your neck this is upsetting what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome back to another ten alright guys videos over by five welcome back to another ten strange Chinese items that Tanner here found on all these shut that Tanner found on […]

Cybertruck is Engineering Genius (and will be copied)

As Tesla’s Cybertruck continues to break the internet and supply fodder for endless memes, I’m putting on my investor hat and explaining why the Cybertruck is pure genius and what it means for Tesla’s bottom line. First of all, the Cybertruk HAD to look the way it does. There’s been endless talk and debate about […]

How environmentally friendly are electric cars, really?

[Common] Get into the guts of a car and you’ll find all those polluting parts. Gas tanks and exhaust systems. But here in a graveyard of cars Maritime auto parts Andrew McDonald is extracting something new. So this is where you keep the batteries? Yeah, we store them here before we ship them out. This […]

TESLA CyberTruck RC Car Project! FIRST DRIVE!

Why I’m All-in On Tesla Stock

Hey, I’m Steven and this is Solving The Money Problem. If it’s your first time on the channel, welcome. In this video I’m explaining why I’m all-in on Tesla. Well, almost all-in. I’m an opportunistic investor. I’m not a stock investor. I’m not a real estate investor. I’m not a business man. I just look […]

Can We Power the World With a Single Energy Grid?

If you look at a map of the US power grid, it looks like a spider web blanketing the entire country. It’s a patchwork that formed after communities that got their power locally were slowly stitched together to create a massive network. So could we scale that up even bigger? Could we connect the entire […]

Tesla Cybertruck event in 5 minutes

– Welcome to the Cybertruck unveil. (crowd cheering) We’ve created an exoskeleton. (bangs) (laughs) (cheering) Nice. Now, hit the Cybertruck. (bangs) (crowd cheering) Yeah, what else can we do with this truck, let’s shoot it? That’s a nine millimeter bullet shot at the door. So, it’s ultra hard, cold rolled, stainless steel alloy that we’ve […]

‘Armour glass’ windows on new Tesla Cybertruck shatter during demonstration

Franz could you try to break the glass please? [cheers] Now. You sure? Yeah. Oh my god. Well, maybe that was a little too hard. [laughs] Should we try the rear? OK. It didn’t go through. – That’s true. – So that’s the plus side. – Let’s try the rear. – Try that one? Really? OK, sure. [glass […]

The First Tesla Pickup (Cybertruck) is Insane! Will it Help or Hurt Tesla Stock?