El amor a la tierra | Natalia Bolívar | TEDxHabana

Translator: Ray Aldaco Reviewer: Denise RQ When I say love for the land, I mean, love for my Cuban land and also for the land of the entire world. My nanny was of Congolese origin. Her name was Isabel Cantero and she was unfortunate enough to having put up with me. I believe I was […]

Electricity is our friend | Sebastian Fleiter | TEDxCannes

Translator: Georges Pattinson Reviewer: Remco Mollema What happens when electricity is gone? Now, you all seat here in a theater. It is a space which is arranged. There is light. There is sound. There is everything that suits you to be comfortable to watch the show. Probably most of you have a mobile phone in […]

Beethoven, the Heavy Metal of the Early 19th Century! | Nicolas Ellis | [email protected]

Translator: Midori T Reviewer: Queenie Lee (Video starts) (Video ends) That was Cellos on Fire, a metal band in which I used to play keyboard when I was in high school and [inaudible] even during a few years in college. And I remember, you see, how happy I look. I remember how much I loved […]

Metal that breathes | Doris Kim Sung

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast I was one of those kids that, every time I got in the car, I basically had to roll down the window. It was usually too hot, too stuffy or just too smelly, and my father would not let us use the air conditioner. He said that it would […]

Speaker Series: Temple Grandin

Good morning everyone. My name is Wynn Coggins and I am the deputy chief administrative officer for the USPTO. I want to welcome everyone both here in person and those joining us online to what is our third installment of the USPTO speaker series. Today’s event is very special. It features an inspiring individual, Dr. […]

Less than perfect robots | Guy Hoffman | TEDxJaffa

Translator: Madeleine Aronson Reviewer: Camille Martínez My job is to design, build and study robots that communicate with people. But this story doesn’t start with robotics at all, it starts with animation. When I first saw Pixar’s “Luxo Jr.,” I was amazed by how much emotion they could put into something as trivial as a […]

My underwater robot | David Lang

(Aquatic noises) So this video was taken at Aquarius undersea laboratory four miles off the coast of Key Largo, about 60 feet below the surface. NASA uses this extreme environment to train astronauts and aquanauts, and last year, they invited us along for the ride. All the footage was taken from our open ROV, which […]

Deep sea diving … in a wheelchair | Sue Austin

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast It’s wonderful to be here to talk about my journey, to talk about the wheelchair and the freedom it has bought me. I started using a wheelchair 16 years ago when an extended illness changed the way I could access the world. When I started using the wheelchair, it […]