SPAN 2017 Pittsburgh – Livestream Day 1

Hello and welcome to SPAN 2017. I’m Amber Bravo I’m a creative lead at Google Design. Google Design is a cooperative team of designers, writers, and producers who work at Google. Our focus is to support and promote designers work both at Google and beyond. We do this in a number of ways: so we […]

Welding Technology at Allan Hancock College Student Interview

My goal as a welding technology student would be to get as much training as I can outside of the working environment because I work in the field, with no stress and just basically be able to come in here and hone my skills. I chose Allan Hancock College because they do offer a real […]

Turn YOUR Hands-on Skills into a Job by Starting at HACC.

>>HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, is the best choice if you want a job in trades and technology.>>HACC students get hands-on experience so they’re prepared for high-demand jobs in automotive technology, welding, HVAC or electrical work. The flexible schedule allow me to work and provide for my family. Plus, I’m saving thousands of dollars by […]

What is Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding

At Midwest Fasteners, we know that saving time is crucial to all types of operations. Employing easy to use portable studwelding to install all types of fasteners can help get the job done, and Midwest Fasteners can help. Capacitor Discharge, often called “CD” welding for short, is characterized by the use of everyday power from […]

How to Install Cuphead Weld Pins

At Midwest Fasteners, we know that getting work done quickly and reliably is really important these days and we have a way to help with that easy to use, easy-to-install Cuphead Weld Pins. It’s a fast and practical way to get jobs done less expensively, quickly and reliably. Cuphead Weld Pins, sometimes called “Mini” Cups, […]

Hyperloop One: 60-Second Team Profile No. 003 — Kristen Hammer, Welding Engineer

I answered the question incorrectly. My favorite thing about Hyperloop One is actually the puppies at work. My name is Kristen Hammer, and I’m a welding engineer at Hyperloop One. My sister and I look a lot alike, and it’s fun when we go places. She’s two years younger, and she’s in fashion. We go […]

Kemppi reference: Outotec, Finland, WeldEye welding management software

In its time, Outokumpu copper mine operated here in Outokumpu for 70 years, in total. Since then, we have manufactured various kinds of process equipment related to ore production and development. We produce machines, equipment and production lines mainly for metal processing. The products are designed and developed by Outotec. I should mention that our […]

Easiest MOT Salvage Tutorial Pt.2

Welcome to Part 2 of my tutorial series on MOT salvaging, where I show you how easy it is to turn a broken microwave into some cool projects. If you’ve just stumbled across this video, go watch part one first, it explains how to get a microwave oven transformer and tear it down the easiest […]

Program Spotlight Welding Engineering Technology

I love it here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Of course work is very fun teachers make it fun. So many products and so many things that are in our everyday lives have to be saved. Welding Engineering Technology is the development and the design of welding procedures and processes to put together assemblies […]