KT Tape: SI Joint Pain

this taping is for the Sacroiliac Joint or commonly known as the SI joint. That is where the Sacro meets the two halves of the Pelvis, usually about where the dimples are on the back. this is a common problem for a women, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. It’s also common just as […]

Marbleizing Candy for Dipping Treats with Candy Melts® Candy

Hi my name’s Lisa Deszcz and I’m a product manager here at Wilton today I’m going to show you how easy it is to marbelize Candy Melts Candy the marbelizing technique gives you a beautiful effect on all of your treats today I’m going to show you how to marbelize a cake pop to start […]

KT Tape: SI Joint

I’m Chris Harper and with me today is Melissa and we’re going to demonstrate how to tape for sacroiliac joint or SI joint pain. SI joint pain can be caused by the hips being out of alignment, third trimester of pregnancy, childbirth poor posture, sitting for long periods of time. How KT Tape can help […]

KT Tape: AC Joint

Hi, I’m Chris Harper, and with me is John, and we are here to demonstrate an application for the acromioclavicular joint otherwise known as the AC joint The AC joint is where the collar bone and shoulder blade meet and I’ll just place a red dot where that is on the body, your pain may […]

KT Tape: AC Joint Sprain

This application is for acromioclavicular joint or AC joint separation, where the collar bone separates from the shoulder blade. This can cause inflamation at that joint, and this is how we tape for it. In this application the point of pain is often at the tip of the shoulder where the collar bone meets the […]

Video about some techniques for feeding filler rods . TIG welding . Electrode

Video on some techniques for feeding weld rods Hello. Today we made a video about some techniques for feeding weld rods. Please press “subscribe” and “Like”. This is one of the most commonly used delivery methods for supplying welding rods. Daddy finger Mommy finger Brother finger Sister finger Baby finger I’m going to show you […]

Chocolate Egg Hot Chocolate | MELTING CHOCOLATE EGGS! | RECIPE

Comment souder à l’arc avec électrode enrobée rutile ? Angle intérieur et extérieur. Soudure à l’arc

Hello little video on arc welding with coated electrode. In this video I’m going to show you how to assemble 6mm sheet metal I have to make an angle iron to fix a handrail pole on a stair step you will see in this video how to position the two sheets of 6 mm How […]

How to Solder properly || Through-hole (THT) & Surface-mount (SMD)

Comment fabriquer une roue style industrielle ? Piétement de table basse style industriel maison.