Comment souder à l’arc avec électrode enrobée rutile ? Angle intérieur et extérieur. Soudure à l’arc

Hello little video on arc welding with coated electrode. In this video I’m going to show you how to assemble 6mm sheet metal I have to make an angle iron to fix a handrail pole on a stair step you will see in this video how to position the two sheets of 6 mm How […]

How to Solder properly || Through-hole (THT) & Surface-mount (SMD)

Comment fabriquer une roue style industrielle ? Piétement de table basse style industriel maison.

How To Paint & Set Up Your Spray Gun – Great Tips with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood Part 2 of 2

we can talk about the controls there’s an air control here is your fan pattern measure measure your trigger control down so i’m actually going to use this air regulator as well typically I don’t like an air regulator at the butt of the gun and it’s partly because my hands are small but it’s […]

How To Prep a Car for Paint – Sand and Fill – with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

properly sanding the surfaces before sealer base coat clear coat well it’s pretty important in the outcome of your paint job in fact it’s the foundation to your paint job things like using a dual action center on all the flat surface that can really level out of panel you can follow that with sanding […]

Butt Welding Sheet Metal With A Mig Welder

Hey guys. I wanted to take just a minute. A few minutes here and talk about mig welding technique when you are doing difficult welds. I think the most difficult weld to do is a butt weld on a piece of sheet metal. And I’ve made a few videos welding patches into cars and things […]

How to Use the Jeweller’s Micro-Flame Butane Torch

Go to for all of your beading supplies needs! Hi. This is Julie with Today we’re going to do a product demo of the Mirco-Flame Torch. This is great for using in various jewelry projects including resin making when you want to get the bubbles out, soldering, jewelry casting wax working, metal sculpting […]

How to Make a Pair of Cuff Links

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie for and I’m gonna show you how to make a cufflink that looks like it’s been enameled this is one of my favorite projects I’ve done in a long time. I have this cufflink bezel which is this […]

Jak spawać przetop na otwartej szczelinie w pozycji naściennej metodą Mag

Hey. J am AdiWeld, welcome everyone interested of the topic which i publiching o on my channel In today’s video, I will demonstrate to you how to welding root on open gap in 2G position. On sheets with a wall thickness of 6mm which I was bevel at 30 degrees and then I assembled with […]