Tasha Brown on Welding At Lee College

This may sound silly but when I use to see welders growing up i used to i use to be infatuated with life. I use to be like man, I wonder what there doing and wanna know how they make this stick. I became involve with the welding program at lee college. Um, looking for […]

2016 WU Tech Signing Day Recap

national technical letter in 10th year 3 500 students a change in lives doesn’t get much better now we’re here for a celebration they are committing to us today to come instead of but we’re committing to them that we’re going to do everything we can to make fantasies industries screaming screaming through qualified technicians […]

BTC’s Welding Rodeo

we want to make it a creative event to highlight some of our creative talents here at the college so we came up with the idea of doing a scrap based Welding Rodeo where we would invite teams to come and spend a day taking a scrap pile and turning it into a sculpture to […]

BTC’s Welding Technology Program Intro

the job outlook is fantastic right now we’re having a hard time keeping our students because they tend to get jobs and go off to work such demand right now for welders everybody likes it, the money is great, its hands on and you know we learn every process from flux core to stick to […]

Welding and Metal Fabrication

♪ Hey, I’m Bob Schnitzer, I’m the welding instructor here at Ulster BOCES, and I teach a variety of processes, stick, TIG, oxy-acetylene, MIG, and plasma cutting. They’re all instructed in the classroom throughout the year. There’s certifications available, American Welding Society, New York State DOT, students can get this certification right here in the […]

Non-Destructive Examination at Central Piedmont

Non-destructive evaluation technology is the testing of parts for defects or for qualities without harming the part. It’s used in all forms of manufacturing: construction, aerospace, the oil industry, power plants, automotive and shipbuilding. At CPCC, we cover the six core testing methods of non-destructive testing: ultrasonics, radiography, eddy current, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and […]

Wake Tech: #ITookACLASS – Welding

Gabby, really? Where did you learn to do that? You broke it! So I had to fix it. I took a class! Join us on October 7, for Wake Tech’s Plus 50 Expo. A showcase of programs designed with adults over 50 in mind. There’s something for everyone.

Welding Technical Diploma Program | Gateway Technical College

I like working with my hands I like working with tools and I think the future the oldest I to finding work I love it the teachers are very knowledgeable they’ve got a lot of experience in a variety of different worlds everything from pipe fitting to building airplanes they teach you the basics that […]

Erie 1 BOCES: Welding

Basically what we try to do is prepare these young guys and girls for a entry-level welding position. You learn like, all forms of welding. You’ve got uh, MIG welding, flux core, stick. We started with basic theory. We work all the way through stick welding, SMAW, flux core, MIG welding, right into senior year […]