Fixed, Spring, Hinge, Character & Configurable Joint explained – Unity Tutorial

In this video we will talk about all unity joins, so we will talk about fixed joint spring joints hinge joints character joints and configurable joints Yes we’re talking about all of them and you can find the time codes in the Descriptions so that you can skip all the parts. You don’t need at […]

Minuteman: Using the SA-18 Igla – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: Let’s get right into this. The SA-18 is a surface-to-air missile available to the Engineer class. In order to hit your target, it requires you to aim-down-sight at your target for the entire time that it’s in flight. Today’s minuteman tip is this: if you’re targeting an enemy aircraft, and they […]

How To Align A Laser System

Hi, my name is Chris, and I’m going to be showing you an example of how to align a laser beam. This alignment process requires two mirrors with the kinematic mounts and two targets with a reticle design on them. Or you can use a movable target to give you two points of reference. The […]