How to make an Acrylic box in 5 minutes * Acrylglas Kasten kleben

Tools you need: Sawblade, green Box tape, Acrylic sheet, Capillary activator, adhesive Acrifix 1S 0117. V-Grooves have been cut into acrylic sheet with the sawblade. Discard protection foil… .. from both sides. Look at the V-grooves. They can be cut down to 0.3 mm (i.e. 0.012″ approx.). Tape all four grooves from the backside. Opening […]

NEW FLEX TAPE® Clear Commercial

Hi, Phil Swift here for Flex Tape Clear the super strong waterproof tape that’s clearly the best way to patch, bond, seal & repair. Flex Tape’s triple thick adhesive instantly bonds to the surface stopping the toughest leaks while remaining virtually invisible. Plus, Flex Tape Clear is so strong… it even works underwater. Now you […]

3M™ In-Line Split Bolt Splice with Scotch® Rubber Mastic Tape 2228 – Training

Protect the in-line split bolt splice by using premium electrical tapes to provide electrical insulation, mechanical protection and an environmental seal. To do this, 3M recommends that you use Scotch brand Varnished Cambric Tape 2510, Scotch Rubber Mastic Tape 2228, and Scotch Professional Grade Premium Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 33 Plus. The varnished cambric tape […]