CAST IRON Shotgun Slugs – Custom Machined Bullet Tests

Tim Hamilton of tactical g-code designed a shotgun slug and then took that design and made it out of seven different metals now dimensionally the slugs are identical but each metal has its own unique properties they have differences in density or weight flexibility or tensile strength today we’re shooting the cast iron slogan this […]

What does the LIQUID METAL Mercury look like BOILING?

Hello everyone, this is Jeff of TAOFLEDERMAUS. This is probably the first time you will ever see mercury being boiled There are videos out there of mercury retorts. These are like stills that have an evaporator and condenser setup used to reclaim gold that has amalgamated with the Hg. But you really can not see […]

J-B WELD Bullet Challenge!

hello this is jeff of taofledermaus we’ve been asked so many times to make shotgun slugs or bullets or whatever you want to call them out of jb weld yes the cold well with over ten thousand uses and according to testimonials on the back of the old packages it’s better than baling wire we’ll […]

Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol – What happens?

welcome backs folks Welcome back Taoflederfolks, Jeff and officer Gregg back out here with you on a ridiculously windy day I’m covered in flour from an earlier shoot. This is not cocaine. I promise you okay today We’re bringing you the Orion flare gun you’ve seen these before on this channel You probably see them […]