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FlamEX Open new tanks EXpand your army

Flames of War: My Painted Soviets

Greetings. I am Herbert Erpaderp and today I thought I would share my painted soviet force for Flames of war with you. I have many more units painted up for the soviets than either the Germans or British. I’ll show those off later, when I’ve got more painted. Let’s have a closer look at everything. […]

Basicfield: Armored Warfare – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: In today’s Basicfield, I’m going to walk you through all the basics of armored warfare. Every now and again I get an enemy that throws a grenade at my tank hoping for something to happen, which tells me that there might be a few of you that would benefit from this […]

Against the Grain: Armor and Smoke – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Against the Grain, a series where I try out strategies and tactics that I normally just don’t use, and I see what I can learn. In previous episodes, I tried nothing but knives, all magnums, and punching straight up the gut in Operation Lockers. Today, I’m going to talk […]