DEATH METAL FOR KIDS – Thomas the tank engine popular cartoon theme song drum cover

Thomas the tank engine

Basicfield: Armored Warfare – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: In today’s Basicfield, I’m going to walk you through all the basics of armored warfare. Every now and again I get an enemy that throws a grenade at my tank hoping for something to happen, which tells me that there might be a few of you that would benefit from this […]

Arduino Tank Robot Project using the Devastator metal chassis!

Dear friends welcome to another video! In this video, we are going to build an Arduino Robot; an enormous autonomous tank and we are going to try it on the field! Let’s get started! Hello, guys, I am Nick and welcome to a channel that is all about DIY electronics projects. In this channel, […]

Against the Grain: Armor and Smoke – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Against the Grain, a series where I try out strategies and tactics that I normally just don’t use, and I see what I can learn. In previous episodes, I tried nothing but knives, all magnums, and punching straight up the gut in Operation Lockers. Today, I’m going to talk […]

Battle Plan – Dawnbreaker – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Conquest Map Strategy

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Battle Plan, and today I’m going to be talking all about Conquest Dawnbreaker. If you’re not familiar with this series, I talk about all of the bigger picture strategies you can use to help you achieve victory on a particular map. I received a number of requests for Conquest […]

Minuteman – How to One-Shot Armor – One Minute Battlefield 4 (BF4) Tips

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: Today’s one minute tip is all about how to one-shot any armored vehicle. It’s super effective. The LAV, MAA, and Tanks each have 1000 hitpoints while the AMTRAC has more at about 1250. In general, this means that an RPG is going to take about 3-5 rounds to destroy a given […]

▶ Cartier Tank Francaise, Ladies Small REVIEW – Stainless Steel, Silver Quartz – W51008Q3

Hey guys, this is Max over at and today I’m going to be showing you a nice little watch. It’s the Cartier Tank Francaise. It’s a small model, stainless steel. The reference number is W51008Q3. I’m going to be going over the bezel, the dial, the crown, the bracelet, the clasp, as well as […]

Wood Stove Boiler Tank – Part 3 – I’m In Hot Water!

Hi fellow pyromaniacs! The last upgrade to this stove is adding a hot water tank or boiler. In my last video, we finished the secondary burners and left the stove venting the exhaust towards the front and into the upper chamber. For this addition, I’m adjusting the ceiling above the secondary burners so the exhaust […]

Bug-O Systems: Fabtech 2012 Highlights

The following video includes a selection of products available form Bug-O Systems. Piper Plus is the most advanced mechanized pipe welding system available from Bug-O Systems. The Piper Plus system is fully integrated with Lincoln PowerWave S350 and utilizes the latest in advanced digital world process control. The Piper Plus is a self-contained digitally controlled […]

How To Remove Rust on Metal Car Part Safely & Quickly

Hi I’m Rick, I am at the Chrysler show here at Carlisle, and uh….Metal Rescue is going to see if it can rescue my water pump housing, in about 6 to 9 hours and we’ll see what they can do with it. (Why don’t you hold this way, we’ll get how bad this is. How […]