Cross Cut Sled w/ Finger Joint Jig Insert

Man these old jigs take up a lot of space! Grrr, warped and unusable! Let’s make a new one. Some scrap plywood (from failed attempts at kerf bending) Cleaning up the edges. Some scrap 2×4’s Jointing the faces smooth. Squaring up the ends Routing a chamfer. This will let dust collect there and not affect […]

DIY slide tablesaw, router lift, fence

part 1: TABLE SAW for more safe and strong I made the metal frame around. LIFT SYSTEM i took this part from the 100mm makita circular saw SLIDE + tableTOP Align the slide and the blade Part 2: ROUTER Part 3: Aluminium tops + Fence the aluminium tops is space apart and screw in place […]

Making a Rail Anvil Stand

The rail gets traced here to establish a template The outline is cut using a bandsaw The template fits over the rail in both directions Strips of 1/2″ plywood are cut on the table saw Plywood squares are cut The template is used to trace the outline onto each square Holes are drilled to help […]