Make a Wavy Joint Side Table With Tapered Legs

Today we’re making a small table with tapered legs and a wavy joint on the top. I’ve been having a few ideas for flat joineries that I want to experiment using different coloured woods. The first one I did was the flat box joint method and this time I wanted to try a wavy shape. […]

Computer controlled box joint jig

My computerized table saw jig is controlled by this 10-year old Think Pad computer in a dust-proof enclosure. It’s running Quick Basic under DOS. Connected to the computer is this stepper motor controller. On the left is the power supply from an old printer, on the right is a transistor board, which I modified for […]

Real Flame – Baltic Fire Table Instructional Video

Enjoy the warmth of the Baltic collection. Producing up to 50,000 BTUs of heat. The Baltic collection will quickly warm any outdoor space. Made from lightweight, heat resistance fiber cast concrete, and available in Glacier Grey and Kodiak Brown finishes. The table easily connects to a 20-pound propane tank and includes an eight-foot hose and […]

Real Flame Fireplaces – Baltic Square Propane Fire Table

Define your outdoor space with the clean design of the Baltic Square Propane Fire Table. Cast in a high performance, lightweight fiber concrete, and finished for outdoor weather resistance, the Baltic Fire Table will be the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. The Fire Table offers up to 50,000 BTUs of heat and uses an […]

Solar Lantern Torch Flame?(Hang, Stake or Tabletop) Ollivage Lights ?

welcome back to the channel today I have some new LED solar lanterns these are from Ollivage and I’m going to open the box and show you what’s inside so each box contains two solar lanterns and at the top you get the space right here it also does come with clips so you can […]

Learn Excel – Combine 4 Sheets – Podcast 2178

Learn Excel for MrExcel Podcast, Episode 2178: Merge Four Worksheets. Today’s question, via YouTube, from Doug, has this situation where he has four sheets, where each sheet is a region with sales data and the number of records change monthly. And, right now, Doug is trying to use formulas, but when the number of rows […]

Merge Statement in SQL | How to Merge Statements in SQL | Intellipaat

Hey guys welcome back to the SQL tutorial series. In this session we will work with the merge statement. So the merge statement helps us to perform insert update and delete in just one statement. This means we no longer require multiple statements to perform insert update and delete. And for the merge statement we […]

Làm Cái Bàn Siêu To Cho Việc Tự Chế Dễ Dàng Hơn Tập 2 | DIY Welding Table Build Part 2

Are you ready Add 4 bolts for easier lifting Using a fixed object, welding will be stronger I like it We should paint 2 times Arrange the equipment

XCORT power tool XMY01-255 TABLE SAW Competitive Price table saw machine wood cutting machine

XCORT power tool XMY01-255 TABLE SAW Competitive Price Hot Sale table saw machine wood cutting machine Chinese power tools not bosch makita Hundreds of product in stock Spare parts support Time of warranty 12 months Contact person : Ivan Telephone/whatsapp/Skype: +8613429098576 Email: [email protected]

Understanding Static Electricity through Experiments Part 12

Here’s a really easy electrostatic experiment to try. Take a piece of tape (scotch tape is ideal) and fold it over so you’ve got a little tab and tape it to your table. It doesn’t matter what kind of table, most tables work—if yours doesn’t, try a different table. And then, do a second one […]