Understanding Static Electricity through Experiments Part 12

Here’s a really easy electrostatic experiment to try. Take a piece of tape (scotch tape is ideal) and fold it over so you’ve got a little tab and tape it to your table. It doesn’t matter what kind of table, most tables work—if yours doesn’t, try a different table. And then, do a second one […]

Table with wheels Part 2

Alright so my other video got cut off at the end. All I wanted to tell you since I showed you the table is how to find something like this. Go to any home goods department and search for an old time TV stand. That’s basically what it is. This one is old. They are […]

Làm Cái Bàn Siêu To Cho Việc Tự Chế Dễ Dàng Hơn Tập 1 | DIY Welding Table Build Part 1

Prepare according to the instructions I have used mig welding Hold the frame before welding Remember to wear protection when grinding Use eto to hold the foot Welding 4 wheels Please subscribe channel. thanks

DIVERSITECH – FRED Mini-Vac II – Compact Welding Fume Extractor

The Fred Mini Vac II by Diversitech is the perfect solution for capturing smoke and fumes from MIG, TIG or stick welding and is ideal for use in areas such as hospitals, repair facilities & schools. It can also be used for safely capturing weld smoke on remote job sites. With dual 1 horsepower motors, […]

Verona Stainless Steel Table Base | Snazzy Table Top Support

The Verona Stainless Steel Table Base is a high quality, dual column table base for use in residential, commercial, and hospitality settings. The dual 3″ diameter columns are finished in brushed stainless steel with options for square or spider design mounting plates. The cast iron base plate for the Verona Stainless Steel Table Base provides […]

Making Table Salt using Sodium Metal and Chlorine gas

So this is my little setup to make some table salt also known as sodium chloride. So just from the name sodium chloride you can pretty easily see that has two major components: sodium and chlorine. On their own, both elements sodium and chlorine are pretty reactive and dangerous. However interestingly enough when they are […]

Wilkhahn mAx folding table – Making Of video

Folding tables have existed for almost as long has people have been sitting at them. or me, the only way of coming up with an innovative product nevertheless was to ensure it didn’t entail the drawbacks of folding tables, i.e. by wobbling and rattling. by wobbling and rattling. And that provides added value, with just […]

Add Casters To Your Kitchen Table Or Any Other Wood Furniture!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Hippie Geeks! In this video we are going to put our kitchen table on weels and ride it down a half pipe! Well that is only half true and while we are going to be putting it on wheels, getting it into a half pipe is going to have […]