Scandinavian Rosette Cookies A traditional homemade Christmas cookie recipe for Jul! ♥

Hi there! I’m Karen Grete. I’m going to make the traditional Scandinavian Rosette cookies today and I have all the ingredients in front of me. What it is, it’s really easy. I have a cup of milk. I’m going to add a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. Also. I’m going to add […]

7 Facts about Vikings

7. Blonde Hair Yes most Vikings have blonde hair but this was because their culture deem that blonde hair was beautiful and attractive. So those with different hair colour would usually bleach their hair with soap that contains a high concentration of lye. Historians also believed that other than it being a beauty ideal, it […]

Diving in Öresund Malmö, Sweden

Putting on my head strap Alright let’s go! Forgot to switch from snorkel to regulator… Lots of dangerous objects standing stuck on the seafloor Hello! Several pillars are still standing on the seafloor and reaches all the way up to the surface It’s only about 10 meters but it looks pretty dramatic At about 7 […]

Commercial Diving Surface Decompression | Storfinnforsen Sweden |

10 seconds.. 3.. 2.. 1.. “leave” *Max 4 min to undress the diver and pressurize him down to 12 meter in chamber