Crab Shells and Trees Combine to Create New Food Packaging

– Approximately, one-third of the food that comes from farms for example, gets wasted before it gets to a consumer’s table. One of the ways that this problem is going to be solved as the population of the planet grows is using packaging. What our research is trying to do is to create sustainable solutions […]

Imagine a world of unlimited clean electricity… Climeon & Virgin Voyages

I’ve been involved with trying to get breakthroughs on clean energy for a number of years now When I saw what Climeon was doing I was very excited. We run on energy and that energy must turn into clean energy as fast as possible Whether it’s solar power, or whether it’s turning waste water into […]

How Close Are We to Zero-Emissions Electricity?

We’ve all heard the statements and stats about the ominous timeline our planet is on. To avoid the worst effects of climate change––from natural disasters to mass extinction––we know that we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And fast. And when we stop literally lighting things on fire to power our world, we can […]