How can I get rid of joint pain in my hip, knee or shoulder?

Good afternoon. Thanks for joining us. We’re here live at St. Luke’s Hospital UnityPoint my name is Janice Kriegel. I’m a nurse with the St. Luke’s orthopedic unit and and the total joint educator. I’m joined by Dr. Jeff Nassif He is an orthopedic surgeon at Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa. We are here to talk […]

PEMFs and Joint Replacements (Are PEMFs Safe?)

this is dr. William Pawluk this video is for those people considering a joint replacement especially of the knees or the hips the most concerning issue is the lifespan of a joint replacement specifically loosening hip replacements fail in about 25% of cases after 10 years bone loss is seen in up to 14% during […]

Joint Restoration Institute

[Narrator] If you or your loved one is suffering from arthritis, knee or hip pain, the Joint Restoration Institute at Medical City Dallas can help. – The Joint Restoration Institute at Medical City Dallas Hospital is a comprehensive program of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, volunteer and social workers, all dedicated to get you, the patient, […]

Patients don’t need to lose weight before total joint replacement (study)

The FORCE TJR database is unique, because it is a national data set of a representative sample of total knee and total hip patients from across the United States– patients from 28 states, over 30,000 patients. This was the first data where we had a nationally representative sample of patients, where we could say, at […]

Cartilage replacement in damaged knee joints

The University Medical Center Manheim leads the field in cartilage replacement treatment for damaged knee joints. It is in no way a cure or remedy for everyone who suffers from knee pain, but it offers a marked improvement above all for young people if premature total knee replacement can be avoided. Cartilage replacement treatment is […]

OrthoIndy Total Joint Anthem 15 sec

You’ve dreamed of doing more. With OrthoIndy, there’s no reason to stop now. Let our total joint replacement specialist help you recover quickly and make sure you don’t miss out because joins are replaceable, moments aren’t. Talk to OrthoIndy and get normal back, whatever your normal looks like.

Teenage Ballerina Uses Ankle As Knee Joint

GABI SHULL: This surgery has allowed me to do so much more than I expected, and I would never go back and change it. COMM: 14-year-old Gabi Shull looks like any other dancer in her class. But at the age of 9, she had her right leg amputated at the knee, after being diagnosed with […]

Diagnosing SI Joint Disorders – Provocative Testing

Chicago Med 4×16 Promo “Old Flames, New Sparks” (HD)

This surgery is risky. It’s Mom’s last hope. If anyone can bring her through, it is you. Please… The surgery is too dangerous, right? You think I don’t know that? Clear!