R.I.P.TIDE (Surf Metal)

Come on grab your board, summer is here Lather on the sunscreen and sip on a beer Get out on the water, the waves are getting higher Oh my God it’s really hot, the waves are actually made of fire! I scream, my board is turning red My legs turn to bone as the fire […]

A Sand Dollar’s Breakfast is Totally Metal | Deep Look

It’s a beachcomber’s prize. But this sand dollar is just an empty husk… a skeleton. This is what sand dollars really look like. Off the coast of California, Pacific sand dollars snuggle up together, like a big pile of purple sea cookies. They’re fuzzy… almost cuddly. But look closer… That fuzz is actually made up […]

The Amazing Life of Sand | Deep Look

Sand is a time capsule. Every grain tells a story. Sand can be anything that’s been worn down until it’s reduced to some tiny essential fragment of what it once was. It’s a technical term. Bigger than sand? That’s gravel. Smaller? Silt. Go to beaches across the world and you find sand that looks completely […]